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How many spots are available on the ISU Dance Team?

Each year, the Dance Team holds audition for all of its members, both rookie and veteran members. The number of members on the Idaho State University Dance Team varies year to year depending on the talent that is seen at each year's tryout. However, there are number limits in terms of policies within the national competition companies. The various Dance Associations, which host the annual College Dance Team Competitions each year, have rules on how many dancers are allowed to compete. So there may be alternates for competitions but those members will perform for all community events and games the rest of the year.

What kind of dance experience is needed?

You definitely need some sort of dance training whether it be by a dance studio or school dance team, but it is not necessary to have been on a certain dance team. At the audition they will learn several different styles of dance and technique across the floor, so it is beneficial for the participants to have experience in jazz, hip-hop, and pom.

Is there a height or weight limit?

The ISU Dance Team does not adhere to typecasting (i.e., similar heights, body types or skin tones), as each dancer is unique in their height or weight. While there is no weight requirement or weigh-in included in the training program, the Bengal Dancers are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and muscular build. The Dance Team maintains this training level by participating in weightlifting and aerobic conditioning throughout the week.

Do the selected members for the team receive any financial aid?

Yes, everyone that is elegible will receive a scholarship. You must register for a minimum of 12 credits each semester and remain a full time student. You must successfully complete 24 credits in one academic year. You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Transfer students or continuing ISU students must enter the squad with a 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship. If you fail to meet the above requirements you will not receive a scholarship the following semester. You may receive one academic credit per semester for Bengal Dancers. Keep in mind that if you quit or are dismissed from the squad your grade will be affected based on the point in the semester that you stopped participating. You need to complete at least 60% of the semester in order to receive a passing grade. Out of state members will also receive Out-of-State Fee Waivers. If any girl quits or is dismissed from the team early, she will be required to pay back any financial aid.

What if a girl canít come to the audition, can she still tryout?

Yes, although it is best to come and audition in person, we do accept a DVD or Video tape for the audition. You will need to email for further instructions on what is required for the video.

When do the participants find out if they make the team?

The auditions will be on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, the new selected team will be told that day and have a mandatory meeting on the Saturday night.

Do the participants tryout alone?

No, we will have them in groups of 3 or 4 and in alphabetical or numerical order to start then as cuts are made, we may try them in different groups to see how dance styles mesh.

How many hours a week does the Dance Team practice?

Depending on the season, the time commitment varies. In August, when the team first starts practice for the upcoming season, practices average 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week for the first few weeks as the team prepares for their first round of competition and the upcoming football season. During the school year, the team practices on Monday, Wednesday evenings for 3 hours and on Fridays for 3 hours. The team also does morning workouts four mornings a week for an hour. Football game days last approx. 5 hours. The season begins to overlap with basketball in late fall/early winter and the schedule varies week by week. Basketball game days last approx. 3 hours. In addition to these practices and games, various public relations events are interspersed throughout the year.

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