Locker Rental:

Locker rentals are available throughout the year in both the menís and womenís locker rooms of Reed Gym. Small day use lockers are available free of charge in the Recreation Center as well as both locker rooms. Locker rental forms and availability information can be found in the Campus Recreation Office.

Rental Policies:

  • Rental lockers are not available to patrons paying day use fees to Reed Gym or the Student Recreation Center.
  • Preferred locker location and size must be determined at the time the rental fee is paid. Lockers cannot be changed until the end of the rental period.
  • Renters must use the lock provided by Campus Recreation. No personal locks allowed. A disability accommodation would be the only exception.
  • Locker rentals end or need to be renewed 1 week prior to the end of each semester. Signs will be posted announcing the dates. Campus Recreation is not obligated, and will not contact each renter prior to cleaning out lockers.
  • Contents from expired lockers will be cleaned out by Campus Recreation and there will be a $3.00 recovery fee for items. Contents will be kept for one semester.
  • Campus Recreation has the authority to enter your locker at any time (i.e maintenance or emergency), and will attempt to give prior notice to the renter if a locker needs to be entered.
  • Any damage to a locker will be charged to the renter.
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for the contents of rental or day use lockers.
  • Special events and athletic contests may close certain locker areas and signs will be posted.
Rental Prices:

Full Length: $20/semester, $50/year
Half Length: $10/semester, $25/year
Fifth Cut: $5/semester, $12.50/year


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Pocatello, Idaho, 83209