Pro Shop/Equipment Rental:

Campus Recreation offers a selection of items for sale in our pro-shop along with the equipment that is available for check out with a Bengal Card. Equipment available for check out includes: towels, racquets, balls, climbing equipment, goggles, and other fitness equipment. Check with the front desk for a full list of available items.

Pro Shop Price List:

Racquet Ball Goggles $7
Swim Goggle $7
Swim Caps $3
Racquet Balls $4
Tennis Balls $2
Head Bands $2
Wrist Bands $3
Padlocks $2
Swim Diapers $1
Water Bottles $7
Ear Phones $4
T-Shirts $6
Shampoo $2
Conditioner $2
Soap $2
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Campus Recreation Office
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Student Recreation Center
Room 360
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