Sports Club Council Meetings:

The first sport club council meeting of the school year is currently being planned. Stay tuned for date and time to be posted on the News page.

Important discussions at this meeting will include:

Don't forget:

Each Sport Club is required to have one representative to the Sport Clubs Council. This member must be a current active student Sport Club member. Each member is entitled to one vote and must be present to vote. Coaches, advisors, Sport Club officers and representatives may attend the Council meetings; however, they will not be voting members.

The Sport Clubs Council will meet once a month during the academic school year. If the representative is not able to attend a meeting, they must arrange for a substitute and notify the Assistant Director 24 hours prior to the meeting.

In addition to Sport Clubs Representatives, one to two Senators from ASISU will serve as non-voting members of the Council. These Senators will serve as liaisons between the Council and ASISU and seek to serve the best interests of the students.

The constitution governing the Sport Clubs Council is available in appendix A of the Sport Clubs manual. The constitution is a dynamic document that can change throughout the academic year.

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