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Welcome to Career Path Internship! The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for students to be employed both on and off campus as interns in positions concomitant with their academic and professional interests. This program enhances student success by employing students in their educational/career field of choice, giving them hands-on experience enhancing job readiness skills. If you are interested in participating in the CPI program please check out our drop down menu for detailed procedure.

CPI Intern of the Month

March's CPI Intern of the Month is John Mulvaney.
CPI Intern of the Month

John Mulvaney, a senior double majoring in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, has been working in the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory at Idaho State University for the past two semesters. During his time as a CPI intern, John has led projects including performing an in-depth power calibration of the nuclear reactor, a documentation organization project of over half a century of paperwork, and aiding in design and construction of a water-tight detector housing.

"Each of John's projects have required patience, hard-work, and thoughtfulness all of which John has happily supplied," stated Maxwell Daniels, Idaho State University's Nuclear Reactor Supervisor. "In completing each of the aforementioned projects John was able to create a new calculation methodology, save money on a comparable design, and make files easily accessible with a simple new organizational system."

Mulvaney, originally from Orlando, Florida, will be moving to Newport News, Virginia upon graduation. There he will start work for America's largest military shipbuilding company, Huntington Ingalls.

"My CPI internship allowed me to become a licensed reactor operator, which helped me secure my position at Huntington Ingalls," John explained. "I came to ISU for the small class size, but to gain work experience through my CPI position while in school has been an added bonus."

Great job and good luck on the East Coast, John!

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