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Career Path Internship (CPI) Program


Welcome to Career Path Internship! The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for students to be employed both on and off campus as interns in positions concomitant with their academic and professional interests. This program enhances student success by employing students in their educational/career field of choice, giving them hands-on experience enhancing job readiness skills. If you are interested in participating in the CPI program please check out our drop down menu for detailed procedure.

CPI Intern of the Month

July's CPI Intern of the Month is Sweta Shah.
CPI Intern of the Month

CPI Intern Sweta Shah is currently in her sophomore year in the Computer Science program at the College of Science and Engineering. Her passion for computers landed her a CPI position at the Department of Teaching and Educational Studies within the College of Education. Sweta has been diligently building a new database for the Department of Teaching and Educational Studies from the ground up. Her hard work has allowed for the department to continue with business as usual while moving from the old system to the new.
Emma Wood, Assessment System Coordinator and Assistant Instructor at the Department of Teaching and Educational Studies, could not be more thrilled to have such an excellent CPI in her department.
"Sweta has been committed to our database build and has demonstrated a high level of independent thinking and problem solving," Wood stated. "She has surpassed my expectations."
Keep up the excellent work Sweta!

Do you have an intern that you want to see highlighted on this page? Please submit nominations to Be sure to include the student's name, brief work/project description, and why they deserve to be the Career Path Intern of the Month.


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