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Career Path Internship (CPI) Program


Welcome to Career Path Internship! The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for students to be employed both on and off campus as interns in positions concomitant with their academic and professional interests. This program enhances student success by employing students in their educational/career field of choice, giving them hands-on experience enhancing job readiness skills. If you are interested in participating in the CPI program please check out our drop down menu for detailed procedure.

CPI Intern of the Month

June's CPI Intern of the Month is Kinzie Neary.
CPI Intern of the Month

CPI Intern, Kinzie Neary, is a senior currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Kinzie has been working as a CPI in the fibers and paper studios and the university galleries for the past two years. Two of her professional passions include painting and fibers, both of which are incorporated into her CPI position.

"Painting and fibers are my jam," stated Kinzie. "I also learned recently that I love making paper, which I also get to do as part of my CPI position. I am so thankful for my opportunities as a CPI intern."

Kinzie will graduate in May 2018, and hopes to move closer to a big city to pursue a creative career.

"Kinzie is always excited to learn new skills that will help her as a studio artist, gallery assistant or art instructor," stated Assistant Professor of Art and Kinzie's supervisor, Naomi Adams. "She has a tremendously positive attitude, always gives 110%, and we look forward to Kinzie using her CPI experience to continue a successful and fulfilling career as an artist when she graduates!"

Thanks for painting a pretty picture of the CPI Program, Kinzie!

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