Career Center

If you are a department/faculty member seeking an intern

  1. A fair, equitable, and consistent selection process should be followed by the hiring department.
  2. It is required that a department read and review the CPI Guidelines to ensure that their desired position meet the requirements of the CPI program.
  3. A department may request that the Career Center advertise the position on Bengal Jobs to assist with the hiring process. Please contact Tara Ridgeway for more information,
  4. Once the student intern is selected, they must go to The Office of Human Resources to fill out the I-9 form for employment verification.
  5. The department must complete the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) on BengalWeb and the CPI Agreement Form. These two documents must be submitted together to the Career Center in order to be processed.
  6. CPI students may not begin working until all paperwork, including the I-9, has been approved and submitted to HR and Career Center. Once submitted, paperwork usually takes at least one week to be completely processed by the Career Center and Human Resources.
  7. If a department has not been allocated funds, or if they are seeking additional funds, please complete and submit the Career Path Internship Funding Request to your respective Dean or Vice President. Departmental requests for CPI allocations for academic departments should be routed through the respective dean to the Provost and for non-academic departments through the respective vice president to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

CPI Agreement Form Example

Below is a guide on how to complete a CPI Agreement Form. Please send completed CPI Agreement form to the Career Center (Stop 8108).

CPI Agreement Form Example


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