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The Career Center no longer offers credential file services. This decision was made after years of school districts converting to online application systems and university career services discontinuing their credential file services. However, the Career Center acts as an excellent referral service to help you connect to schools with open positions. Please keep in mind that the Career Center can only make referrals if your resume has been uploaded to your Bengal Jobs account.

Please read our Bengal Jobs Handout for Education Majors(.pdf).


  • Bengal Jobs is the system that ISU uses for job searches and placement services. Many of the region's positions are on this site. Upon registering online, you will be supplied with a username and password for access. You need to upload your resume to this site so that the Career Center can make referrals to school districts.
  • is a resource endorsed by the Idaho Department of Education. Through you can view job postings from 2,149 school systems and private schools nationwide. It is also an excellent resource for other education information such as certification requirements by state.
  • The annual Education Career Fair gives students involved in areas of education the opportunity to interview with employers and to explore the different areas of education careers. The fair will be held March 31, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Wood River Room of the Student Union Building in Pocatello. The list of school districts is available on Bengal Jobs.

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