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Each tutorial can be listened to entirely or by individual section

Resume Tutorial 28 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Interviewing Tutorial 24 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Cover Letter Tutorial 5 Minutes, 50 Seconds


Hard copies of handouts are also available in the Career Center

Resume - Thorough description of resumes, action words, transferable skills, and resume examples

Cover Letters - Thorough description and examples of cover letters

References - Describes how to develop a separate page of references

Bengal Jobs - Describes how to register with Bengal Jobs, set up a Job Search Agent, and upload resumes

Transferable Skills - Describes the importance of incorporating skills and characteristics into resume

List of Common Interview Questions - List of common interview questions asked regardless of major or career

Behavioral Interviewing - Discussion of behavioral interviews and suggestions on how to effectively respond

Interviewing Do's and Don'ts - Discussion of interviewing behavior suggestions

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