Department of Chemistry

Graduate Students

Matt Kirkham

Research director: Dr. Jeff Rosentreter

Research area: Analytical Chemistry

Year in the program: First Year

Research Project: Kinetically favorable separation of cyanide from metal complexes using silver filters

Christine Anh Nguyen

Research director: Dr. Holland

Research area: Material (or Organometallic) Chemistry

Year in the program: Second year

Research Project: Synthesis of Single Source Precursors and their behaviors in solutions and in the exchange reactions.

Chris Reed

Research Director: Dr. Caryn Evilia

Research area: Biochemistry

Year in program: Second Year

Research Project: Measuring the activity of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases using click chemistry

Tyson Hintze

Braxten Hornsby

Kalen Khang

Kory Walling

Sarah Pickle

Rachel Emerson

Eric Trejo

Ikwulono "David" Unobe


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