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Department of Communication, Media, & Persuasion

Visual Communication

The Photo Media option prepares students for careers in both journalistic and creative fields. Students learn business concepts for operating their own commercial studio business. In addition to the traditional still photography courses, students also learn to think multi-modally, repurposing images for multiple platforms and developing visual narratives. As the only photo program in the Idaho University system housed in a Communication/Media department, students learn the theories behind visual rhetoric and imagery, and the role images and media play in society - not just how to create photos as “art.”
Potential jobs in the field: Commercial Photographer, Advertising and Product Photographer, Catalog/Website Photographer, Magazine or New Photojournalist, Environmental Photographer, Photo Librarian, Studio Manager.

Students in the video track will receive a broad foundation in fictional and nonfictional storytelling forms including TV news, documentary, dialogue (fictional) scenes, and nonverbal scenes. They will also learn to make public-relations-style videos for businesses and nonprofits. They will learn about aesthetics, ethics, and analytical frameworks that go into making quality videos.
Potential jobs in the field: Broadcast Journalist, TV Cameraperson, Broadcasting Station Manager, Director of Broadcasting, Film/Tape Librarian, Community Relation Director, Unit Manager, Transmitter Engineer, Technical Director, Announcer, News and Relation Manager, News Animator

As visual communicators, graphic designers plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communication problems for the general public through print, digital or electronic media or film. Graphic design is a broad field, so students study typography, color, photography, illustration, animation, and more in our program. Graphic designers who are well read, who are interested in current affairs, and who have a broad liberal arts education and experience in marketing and business management will experience the highest levels of success in this field in the future. Our department offers many options for our students to expand their skills and understanding in these areas.
Potential jobs in the field: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Book Artist, Cartoonist, Commercial Artist, Desktop Publisher, Game Designer/Developer, Art Director, Product Illustrator, Staff Designer, Book Designer, Textile Stylist, Museum Exhibit Designer, Architectural Graphic Designer



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