Center for New Directions

Career Exploration Workshops

A. Egg Rocket Challenge!

The Challenge: construct a capsule to protect an egg from damage during a head-on collision between a pop bottle rocket carrying the capsule and a brick wall with impact speeds exceeding 75 mph.

B. Pocatello Police Department

Have you ever wondered how someone that is 5'1" could arrest someone that is 6'4"? Women on the force will show you how to get criminals in cuffs.

C. Come Be Part of a Nuclear Chain Reaction

Help demonstrate a nuclear chain reaction. Learn about science and engineering careers in nuclear energy, other sources of clean energy and the cyber security involved in protecting and modernizing energy transmission.

D. Museums: Science, Art, and Education

Museums offer a multitude of careers which appeal to many different interests. Biology, Botany, Anthropology, and Archaeology as well as Museum Curation and Education will be emphasized.

E. “Dam Engineering – Careers that Hold Water”

Students will learn how the force of water helps determine the size and shape of dams. They will use clay to build models of dams and observe the force of the water against it. Students will also learn about opportunities available with an engineering profession.

F. Find the “Power” in You

We will use a mini power plant to produce steam and turn a turbine to light a bulb. We will also build solar race cars and see how fast they go. Just as there are many ways to produce Power, the STEM fields open opportunities to fully explore the “Power” in You.

G. Mirror

Chemists have developed many processes, both accidental and on purpose, that have improved life as we know it. An accidental byproduct of testing for a particular kind of sugar lead to the process of mirroring a glass surface. In this workshop you will reproduce this experiment and explore other metal plating techniques. Each participant will make and take home a glass covered vial.

H. Food: Safety First!

Food Safety is our top priority at Amy’s Kitchen. We test the food we make to ensure it is safe for our consumers. In this session we will be sampling product and processing it to plate on PetriFilm.

I. How Two Girls Ran a Mine—the RIGHT way!

Come do the same hands-on work that two mining chicks do to run a profitable, environmentally-friendly phosphate mine. Their abilities won’t be undermined after this awesome display of how STEM girls take charge!

J. Women in Finance

Join US Bank for an innovative look at a career in finance. A field where women with creative thinking, teamwork and unique views are rewarded.

K. Brownie, Brownie, Who Gets the Brownie?

How often does everyone get their "fair share"? Come and see how much fun math can be, and enjoy eating your "fair share" of Brownies!

L. Campus Tour

Learn all about the ISU campus with a walking tour showing you all the exciting and fun areas at ISU.

M. Health Occupations

Blood typing is an essential part of healthcare and saving lives. Learn how the testing and donation of blood works.

N. Support Your Female STEM Student

This specialized workshop is for parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors of girls who are interested in pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Learn how and why to support your STEM student.


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