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Outstanding Student 2015-2016.

Over the fall semester, the College of Business launched a unique social media challenge encouraging students to attend as many CoB-related opportunities as possible. While attending events, students were asked to take a photo and post it to either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COBopportunity in addition to a caption describing the benefits of the opportunity.

“The campaign’s purpose was to help encourage students to participate in the numerous Professional Development and club events we offer,” said Kelsey West, Director of Marketing and Communication. To help incentivize students, a “Weekly Winner” was selected and entered to win an iPad at the end of the semester, Professor of Informatics, Bob Houghton also offered extra credit to students in his World of Business class.

“From a marketing stand point the campaign was a great way to encourage current students to provide positive reviews and feedback about the College on popular social media networks from their own perspectives,” said West. “These reviews were then visible to hundreds of potential students online.”

Once selected, winners were... Read More

Above & Beyond. VITA Files More Returns Than Expected.

Throughout the years, the College of Business has graduated thousands of successful and professionally prepared individuals who are ready to take on their careers with a strong educational business background and the desire to succeed. Five years ago, the College of Business Leadership Board was established as a partnership between those

alumni and the CoB leadership to help continue effective operations of the College. Today, the Leadership Board is made up of eight to 10 College of Business grads, all leaders in their industries, all of whom are devoted to promoting, advocating and assisting the College leadership with advice from their own professional backgrounds. These individuals have contributed countless hours and assets to growing upon the educational traditions of the College of Business.

Even beyond the Leadership Board, the College of Business has been generously supported by alumni, friends and businesses all seeking to help cultivate and build upon the quality education of the institution. Most recently, with this support, the College has put a strong focus on... Read More


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  • Kelsey West, '14


  • Kelsey West, '14
  • Kayla Carter, '18
  • Kristine McCarty, '14
  • Jeff Street
  • Ann Swanson


  • Kelsey West, '14


  • Kelsey West,'14
  • Submissions


  • Mason England, '18
  • Jonathan Holmes, '08 and '11
  • Kelsey West, '14


  • Thomas Ottaway, Ph.D. Dean
  • Daniel Ames, Ph.D. Associate Dean

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Mark Arstein, Senior Director of Development


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KELSEY WEST, Director of Marketing & Communications

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