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Computer Science

The discipline of Computer Science has arisen as one of the most well-paying and in-demand disciplines in the last decade; at the bachelor's degree level, the gap between supply and demand in computer science is the largest of any major, and the average starting salary for a Computer Science graduate exceeds $60,000/year. The Computer Science major at ISU can prepare you to succeed in a wide range of exciting computer-science-related careers including software engineering, databases, computer security, networks, system administration, etc.

Program Educational Objectives

The Computer Science program helps students gain the following abilities:

Program Student Outcomes

Undergraduate Program Objectives

The goal of the Computer Science program at Idaho State University is to provide students with a broad, yet rigorous Computer Science education, with emphasis in operating systems, computer organization and architecture, data structures and algorithms, software implementation, programming languages, computer security, networks, and project management.

Careers, Jobs, and Flexibility

While many computer science graduates focus on technical work, the computer science major can also be a fairly general purpose degree leading in a number of additional directions: By adding a minor or second major in Philosophy or Political Science, computer science majors can go on to Law School and specialize in patent law. Or by adding the minor in Business Administration, they may complete the MBA in a 5th year leading to many technical management possibilities. The MBA is also important for those students interested in graduate work in as part of the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC). Computer Science Curriculum and Advising Handouts.

Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

The ISU Computer Science Program had 162 declared majors and is expecting 18 graduates in FY 2014.

Becoming a Computer Science Major

Students wishing to become computer science majors should contact Ms. Goldback at to have an advisor assigned to them.

Student advising handout - details computer science major and minor including the advising process

The computer science four year plan - provides an example of what courses might be taken in which semesters

We have a number of alternate computer science 4-year plans for specialized situations. The CS Major and Business Administration Minor 4-year-plan shows how to complete a CS major and Business Administration minor in 4 years allowing the MBA to be completed in a 5th year. And the CS/Math double major 4-year-plan shows how to complete a CS major and math major in 4 years. This is particularly useful for those interested in a MS or PhD in CS.

The computer science program-of-study

The computer science graduation form

*The College of Science and Engineering both administers and confers the Computer Science degree. The College of Business does not govern the Computer Science program, although COB Informatics and COSE Computer Science form a joint department.


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