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"Students are our priority. Everything we do comes back to making the College of Business a dynamic, open, rich context for student learning," says interim Dean Tom Ottaway. "Email me with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer."

College of Business General Information - 208-282-3585.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Kristine McCarty
BA 510 - Fifth Floor
(208) 282-3856

Director of Graduate Studies
Heidi Wadsworth
BA 510 - Fifth Floor
(208) 282-2966

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Academic Leadership

Dr. Thomas Ottaway - Dean 208-282-2601
Dr. Corey Schou - Associate Dean of Information Systems 208-282-3194
Dr. Joanne Tokle - Associate Dean 208-282-2934
Michele O'Brien-Rose, M.B.A. - Assistant Dean and Accounting Chair 208-282-4667
Dr. Kevin Parker - Informatics and Computer Science Chair 208-282-4783
Dr. Ann Hackert - Finance Chair 208-282-2506
Dr. Greg Murphy - Management Chair 208-282-2856
Dr. Sandra Speck - Marketing Chair 208-282-4344

Administrative Staff

Mark Arstein - Director of Development 208-949-3859
Bob Houghton, Ph.D. - Systems Administrator 208-282-3040
Deb Gerber - Budget Officer 208-282-3770
Karma Morrison - Graduate and Professional Development Assistant 208-282-2504
John Ney - Director of Professional Development 208-282-3637
Suzette Porter - Dean's Assistant 208-282-3585
Ann Swanson - Director of Marketing and Communications & SBDC Consultant 208-282-4402
Heidi Wadsworth - Director of Graduate Programs 208-282-2966


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209