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"Students are our priority. Everything we do comes back to making the College of Business a dynamic, open, rich context for student learning," says interim Dean Tom Ottaway. "Email me with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer."

College of Business General Information - 208-282-3585.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Kristine McCarty
BA 510 - Fifth Floor
(208) 282-3856

Director of Graduate Studies
Heidi Wadsworth
BA 510 - Fifth Floor
(208) 282-2966

We Are Giving Away an iPad!

With so many great events and opportunities happening everyday in the College of Business, we wanted to give you a chance to share your CoB journey! To participate, simply follow the steps listed below and you could be entered to win an iPad at the end of the semester! Here's what you have to do:

1. Snap a photo of yourself taking part in one of the many College of Business events or opportunities. This could include a class project, an event, student organization activities or anything else related to the College of Business. 2. Add a caption to your photo telling us:

a. Where you are
b. Where you are going
c. What you have achieved
d. ...through the College of Business

3. #COBopportunity make sure to hashtag your post
4. Post your pic to either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Photos will be judged based on engagement and following the steps above. So, make sure to Like, Share or Comment on your favorites!

Choosing a Winner:

Every Friday, a "Weekly Winner" will be chosen based on how many likes, shares and comments your photo and caption has. This Weekly Winner will be announced in the Professional Development Newsletter each week, so make sure to sign up for that below. Then, this person will be featured in a short video and will be entered into the drawing to win the grand prize at the end of the semester... an iPad.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation!

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Academic Leadership

Dr. Thomas Ottaway - Dean 208-282-2601
Dr. Corey Schou - Associate Dean of Information Systems 208-282-3194
Dr. Joanne Tokle - Associate Dean 208-282-2934
Michele O'Brien-Rose, M.B.A. - Assistant Dean and Accounting Chair 208-282-4667
Dr. Kevin Parker - Informatics and Computer Science Chair 208-282-4783
Dr. Ann Hackert - Finance Chair 208-282-2506
Dr. Greg Murphy - Management Chair 208-282-2856
Dr. Sandra Speck - Marketing Chair 208-282-4344

Administrative Staff

Mark Arstein - Director of Development 208-949-3859
Bob Houghton, Ph.D. - Systems Administrator 208-282-3040
Deb Gerber - Budget Officer 208-282-3770
Karma Morrison - Graduate and Professional Development Assistant 208-282-2504
John Ney - Director of Professional Development 208-282-3637
Suzette Porter - Dean's Assistant 208-282-3585
Ann Swanson - Director of Marketing and Communications & SBDC Consultant 208-282-4402
Heidi Wadsworth - Director of Graduate Programs 208-282-2966


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209