College of Business

MBA Course Requirements

If you do not have a business degree, you will be required to complete the following courses. If you have a business degree, these courses may be waived (subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies).

Information on BYU-I class equivalents.

MBA-I CORE CLASSES (24 Credit Hours)*

MATH 1143
MGT 2216
MBA 6610 or ECON 2201 and ECON 2202
MBA 6611 or ACCT 2201 and ACCT 2202
MBA 6612 or MGT 3312 and MGT 5563
MBA 6613 or MKT 2225
MBA 6614 or MGT 3329
MBA 6615 or FIN 3315

After all MBA-I requirements are completed or waived, students may enroll in the MBA-II core component courses listed below.

MBA-II CORE CLASSES (24 Credit Hours)

MBA 6620 Quantitative Information for Business Decisions
MBA 6621 Managerial Decision Making
MBA 6622 Finance in an Integrated Environment
MBA 6623 Marketing in an Integrated Environment
MBA 6626 Business Policy/Strategy in a Global Environment
MBA 6629 Competitive Advantage Along the Value Chain and Negotiations
MBA 6637 Business Analytics and Strategic Business/IT
MBA 6628 Business Simulation and Application (Capstone Course)


In addition to the core requirements, students are required to complete a number of electives, depending on the emphasis area selected.

Emphasis Area Number of Required Elective Credits

Traditional: 6 Elective credits
Accounting: 9 Elective credits
Computer Information Systems: 9 Elective credits
Finance: 9 Elective credits
Health Care Administration: 9 Elective credits
Project Management: 9 Elective credits
Marketing: 9 Elective credits
Pharm D and MBA Joint Degree Program

*MBA-I courses may be waived for students with a business degree from an AACSB accredited institution. MBA-I courses may be waived for students with a business degree not accredited by AACSB subject to a transcript and program evaluation by the Director of Graduate Studies.

For students with non-business degrees or degrees from foreign universities, courses may be waived where equivalency of content with the Idaho State University MBA core can be established and the student has earned at least a grade of C- or equivalent. Individuals with degrees greater than 10 years old may be required to take selected MBA-I courses.

Work experience is not a basis for waiving MBA-I course work; however, students with substantial work experience may demonstrate competence in a particular field through examination.

All M.B.A. classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Each class meets once a week.


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