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Giving to the College of Business

We encourage supporters of the College of Business to give to areas of high interest or passion. You can support the College through gifts of cash, securities, real estate, personal property, estate and planned gifts. See a complete list of giving options by viewing the giving options table.

You can make an online gift here and direct your gift to the College of Business. If you prefer you can mail in a gift by printing this form.

To learn how you can support the college and maximize the impact, please contact:

Mark Arstein Mark Arstein

Strategic Giving Priorities

Bengal Solutions Center for Student Innovation and Economic Outreach - read details here.

Endowed Professorships - attracting and retaining top faculty.

Healthcare Mission - establish a Health Care Institute in the College in conjunction with the Universities Healthcare Mission, equipping students with the critical business acumen required to attain productive employment and meet the needs of the expanding field of healthcare.

Technology, classroom, and facility upgrades

Professional Development

Student Scholarships

Investing In Faculty

The College of Business has a long and rich tradition of teaching. A priority for the College is to attract and retain top faculty to continue the tradition of teaching excellence. As teachers and mentors, faculty members guide students through the best of what has been taught, written and discovered and help equip students for productive careers in business.

Endowed Academic Chair (named)- $3.5 Million
Annually-Funded Academic Chair - $140,000

Endowed Academic Professorship (named)- $250,000 minimum
Annually-Funded Academic Professorship - $50,000

Endowed Distinguished Lectureship (named) - $500,000
Annually-Funded Distinguished Lectureship - $20,000

Endowed Academic Scholar - $200,000
Annually-Funded Academic Scholar - $10,000

Investing In Students

Students are the lifeblood of the College. Scholarships allow students to focus on their studies and graduate on time. Moreover, with scholarship support, students can choose to work less or not to work during their college experience. As a result, they are better students, experience less stress, and avoid leaving school with student loans.

Endowed Full-Support Scholarship - $300,000

Endowed Full-Tuition Scholarship - $150,000

Endowed Partial Scholarship - $25,000 minimum

Annually-Funded Scholarships - any amount

Dean's Excellence Fund

Donations to the Dean's Excellence Fund provide broad support of the College and the Dean typically uses the donations to fund areas where there is the greatest financial need for the College.

Accounting Excellence Fund

Donations to the Accounting Excellence Fund go to generally support all aspects of the Accounting Program:

Faculty Research and Programs


Students Programs



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