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General Internship Information

3393 Internships are pass/fail and count as a general elective

4493 Internships are graded and count toward your major

60 hours of internship work are required for every one credit, for a maximum of 3 credits (180 hours for 3 credits).

See the Internship Objectives and Internship Agreement forms for more details.

How to Get Academic Credit for Your Internship

  1. Open the Internship Objectives form. Read the examples of Learning and Business Objectives and then delete and insert your own.
    It’s best if you consult with your work supervisor on Business Objectives that your employer wants you to achieve. You and your Cooperating Employer will sign the Internship Agreement Form.

    Faculty Supervisors are generally the chair of the department in which you are majoring or the department related to your internship objectives. You will need to send the Faculty Supervisor an email requesting that they act as supervisor for your internship and include a draft of your proposed Learning Objectives to ensure these meet the requirements for earning academic credit.

    The department chair will either be your instructor of record for the 4493 or they will assign another professor within the department to oversee and grade your internship. It is up to the instructor of record to determine the academic requirements. (For example, you may be asked to provide weekly updates and or a report or presentation at the end of the semester about what you learned and how you would apply in your future career.

  2. Once the Learning Objectives and evaluation methods are agreed upon, your Faculty Supervisor will sign the Internship Agreement and complete your course override so you can register for the course.

  3. Bring the Internship Agreement and Internship Objectives forms to BA510 for John Ney to sign as the Internship Coordinator.

  4. Register for the course.

  5. The internship is carried out and evaluated as outlined in the Internship Agreement.

  6. Grade is issued by the Faculty Supervisor.
  7. How to Find an Internship

    Students may find internships on their own or go through Bengal Jobs.

    If you are signing up for the first time your Bengal ID# is your username and password. If you have questions about using the Bengal Jobs site, contact the Career Center at 282-2380.

    Jobs relating to Business majors are also listed in the College of Business newsletter. Sign up for the E-mail newsletter here.

    Follow the application process listed on the job or internship.

    Internships for credit can be paid by the employer or be a part of the Career Path Internship program (CPI). The paperwork for CPI positions is done separately. Once hired, it takes about two weeks to complete the paperwork to be paid. See Gail Hunt in BA 510.


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