College of Business


The College of Business requires all of its students to own a laptop. The laptop must have been purchased new within the last three years. The laptop must be capable of running the latest Windows version of the Microsoft Office suite. The laptop should run a Microsoft supported version of Windows as its primary operating system.


Business Runs on Windows

At the Idaho State University College of Business, the standard operating system is Microsoft Windows. Since Windows runs on at least 80% of current computers, learning Windows is an important part of your professional skill set.

Tablets and Phones

Modern computing has blurred the line between consumption devices, also known as tablets, and composition devices, general purpose computers. A tablet is not a full replacement for a laptop and should only be used as a supplemental device.


Your laptop is your responsibility. Your faculty want you to achieve your educational goals. They are not necessarily technical experts and cannot fix your technical problems. Idaho State University provides low cost technical support for students via the ISU Helpdesk. We recommend that students use this resource for help.

If you have questions, email Bob Houghton, Ph.D. at


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