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Master of Accounting (MAcc) - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a MAcc?
A MAcc is a graduate degree designed to prepare students for the accounting profession and specifically for a public accounting career track. Moreover, it provides students with the 150 credit hours required by most states to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A MAcc program is generally completed in one year of full-time study and consists of 30 - 36 credit hours of graduate-level advanced accounting related coursework.

2. Is there anything unique about Idaho State University’s MAcc program?
Our program is designed to provide a rigorous high-quality education that will enable our graduates to compete at the national level. Moreover, our program is designed so that our graduates will have completed the CPA exam by the time they graduate from the program. Since we know that successful completion of the CPA exam is the biggest hurdle to comfortably settling in to a new career in public accounting, we have designed our program to provide you with a high-quality education and the structure that will provide you with that advantage upon graduation.

3. Can I complete a MAcc at either the Pocatello or the Idaho Falls campus?
Yes. The Idaho Falls program is offered through evening classes while the Pocatello classes are scheduled during the day.

4. What is the schedule for the MAcc courses?
Each MAcc course meets once per week for 16-week courses and twice per week for 8-week courses. 8-week courses meet for 3 hours on Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

5. What coursework or undergraduate degree do I need in order to enter the ISU MAcc?
The ISU MAcc assumes that students enter with an undergraduate accounting degree.

6. What if I have an undergraduate business degree but not an accounting degree?
You will need to complete the equivalent of an undergraduate accounting major core. At ISU that includes the following courses*:

*Note that some programs offer intermediate accounting in two rather than three semester courses. If you complete one of those two course intermediate accounting sequences you should be fine.

7. What if I have an undergraduate degree that is neither an accounting degree nor a business degree?
Depending on your degree and your experience, you will most likely need some business core courses like economics, finance, and operations management in addition to the accounting major core outlined above. We will be happy to work with you to tailor a business core program that will prepare you for our MAcc program.

8. Can I take online courses from another school to prepare for the ISU MAcc?
Yes. But remember, finding quality courses and preparing yourself for a rigorous graduate program is your purpose. The assumption once you are in the MAcc program is that you have a sound foundation in business and accounting courses.

9. What are the entrance requirements for the MAcc?
Our entrance requirements are the same as those for the ISU MBA program. Specifically, our entrance "formula" is [(GPA from your last 60 credit hours X 200) + GMAT Score) = 1150.

10. Are there scholarships or graduate assistantships available for the MAcc program?
Yes, we reserve some scholarships and graduate assistantships for the MAcc program in order to attract outstanding students. Scholarships are awarded for various amounts with application requirements dictated by the donor/funder. Applications are available from Heidi Wadsworth. Heidi Wadsworth in the BA 510 office suite (208.282.2966). Graduate assistantships require full time attendance and a 20 hour work commitment to the ISU College of Business, usually as an accounting lab coordinator or as a teaching or research assistant. Assistantships consist of a full tuition waiver and a work stipend.

11. How do I apply?
You can apply through the ISU Graduate School website at In addition to applying with the Graduate School, you will need to submit two letters of recommendation, a copy of your resume, and a Statement of Purpose (a page or less stating why you want to earn a MAcc) to the MAcc office via mail OR email to one of the addresses below:

MAcc Office
921 South 8th Avenue, Stop 8020
Pocatello ID 83209

You will also be required to take the GMAT and request that your scores be sent to ISU. The test is $250 and registration information can be found at

12. What if I have additional questions?
Contact Dr. Ken Smith, MAcc Program


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209