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The focus of the College of Business Marketing Program is preparing students for today's marketing careers, which require excellent analytical skills as well as a deep understanding of the effects of social and cultural differences on consumer and organizational buyer behavior.

Is a Marketing Major (or minor) for You?

Successful marketers are those who have good communication and critical thinking skills, although the traditional view of marketing as an "extrovert only" occupation is misleading. There is a huge demand for marketers who excel at collecting, understanding and analyzing data.

Successful marketers have good time-management skills, enjoy working with a wide variety of people and are self-motivated. Marketing is a good career for people who are not afraid to have their performance measured and who enjoy receiving rewards for hard work.

To find out if marketing is for you, assess your performance in your first marketing course or in BA 1110 (The World of Business). All business majors at Idaho State University must take the core courses to assure a minimum level of competence in all functional areas of business. One of these courses is Marketing 2225. If you perform well in this course you may have an aptitude or an interest in marketing, and we certainly hope that you will consider marketing as your major.

If you are also interested in accounting, informatics, management or finance, marketing makes a terrific double major, because marketing knowledge is required for any position beyond the first job. The marketing curriculum allows for considerable flexibility, so the double major can be achieved with a minimum of additional courses.

Flexible Marketing BBA

The flexible BBA is available to marketing, management and finance majors. This new program has fewer required courses, more electives and makes it easy to double major. Best of all, students can craft a custom major that suits their particular interests and goals.

Careers in Marketing

Marketing managers are concerned with understanding customers' needs and providing product offerings that meet those needs better than competitors' offerings. They are responsible for developing, maintaining, and managing relationships with their organizations' customers and other stakeholders.

Marketing-related career pathways are among the most diverse of any discipline. These fields are among those often chosen by marketing program graduates.

  • Advertising
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Logistics (Physical Distribution)
  • Market Research
  • New-Product Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing
  • Retailing Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Sales Promotion

Contact an Advisor

The best way to learn about matching your interests with the requirements for the Marketing major is to schedule a visit with an academic adviser. Contact Kristine McCarty: Office: BA 510D; Phone: (208)282-3856; Email:


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