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Undergraduate Student Handbook

What is in this handbook?


We prepare students to become business leaders in a world fueled by human capital. The 21st century business seeks people with clear communication, ethical integrity, and technology skills.

Our goal is to provide an environment of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. Our faculty are here to facilitate your experience and offer a personal touch to your education.

How to Become a College of Business Major

  1. You must be officially enrolled in Idaho State University.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with Kristine McCarty, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (282-3856 or She can help you make sure you take courses in the proper sequence and complete all requirements for admission to major.

Registering for Business Courses

Registration for 3300-level College of Business courses is blocked until you meet with an advisor and they determine you are eligible for upper-division courses. You should set up an advising session before the pre-registration period so you can enroll in courses for the upcoming semester. Kristine McCarty is available for pre-major advising appointments at 282-3856 or

Advising Process

After you have been admitted to the College of Business, you will be assigned a faculty member from your major area. He or she will serve as your advisor from that point forward. With this advisor, you must complete a Program of Study form. This will guide your schedule for completing your degree.

You will be blocked from registering for 4400-level College of Business courses until you complete the Program of Study form, so it is best to do this during the first semester after you've been admitted.

What You Can Expect to Learn

All business majors should have a solid foundation in each of the discipline areas (accounting, finance, information systems, management, and marketing), as well as be capable of solving open-ended business problems and effectively communicating and working as part of a team.

Specifically, the College of Business student should be able to:

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites exist to insure that students have the preparation to succeed in more advanced classes. They also make sure that all students have a similar level of preparation, so unprepared students do not slow down the learning of others. If a course requires prerequisites, that information is in the ISU undergraduate catalog near the end of the course description.

Course Repeat Policy

The College of Business requires that you must pass every course fulfilling core, major, or specific graduation requirements with a grade of at least a C-. The C- requirement also extends to satisfying prerequisites for all College of Business courses.

No College of Business course may be repeated more than once except by petition approved by the department chair. We instituted the one-time repeat rule to better manage College resources and to encourage students to be serious about their course work.

Academic Integrity

Dishonest conduct in any form is unacceptable. Behavior involving cheating, plagiarizing, or similar activities may result in dismissal from class, failing grades, or other disciplinary action.

The student handbook states, "Faculty members are responsible for deciding academic dishonesty cases which occur in their classes, except when a case involves additional violation of University policies. Such other violations may be resolved under the Student Code of Conduct, Rights, Responsibilities and Judicial Structure or other applicable procedures." Read the entire COB Policy on Academic Integrity.

Additional information as to what constitutes cheating and plagiarizing as well as penalties that may be imposed are in the ISU Faculty/Staff Handbook.

The Office of Student Affairs oversees student conduct and you should familiarize yourself with the ISU Student Code of Conduct.

Laptop Requirement

Undergraduate students in the College of Business are required to have a laptop computer they can bring to class when they begin taking 3300 level courses. We recommend you purchase your computer prior to taking MGT 2216 and ACCT 2201, but it is not strictly required for those courses. A laptop is required for CIS 3301 and all other 3300-level business courses.

There is no specific configuration required for the laptop. It must be capable of running the Windows version of MS Office, including MS Access (this is the database program that is not available in the Apple Mac version of MS Office). One of the primary criteria to consider when purchasing should be long battery life.

Workload Expectations

You will probably spend two to three hours a week outside of class for every credit hour of a class. Class demands and expectations will not be compromised so that you can meet your other demands, so plan your credit-hour load accordingly. It is important to balance your school, work, and family/social time.

Course Fees

The College assesses fees on a number of College of Business courses. In some cases, the fees are used to purchase the technology used in the classrooms (projectors, DVD players, etc.) and to fund the ongoing support and maintenance of this equipment. In other cases, the fees are used to directly support the activities of a particular course by providing such things as tutors, special software, or special equipment used in the course.


A number of internship opportunities are available to College of Business students, and we strongly encourage you to work on an internship. Internships provide the perfect experience to complement your formal education. Both paid and unpaid internships are available. Students often find their own internship positions as a result of networking in the local business community.

If you wish to receive college credit for your internship, it must be approved before the internship begins. Your internship must be performed under the supervision of a COB faculty member. The supervising faculty member can work with you to determine the learning objectives for the internship and offer guidance on how the credits can be used towards your degree requirements.


Many scholarships for Business majors are available. There are a variety of requirements for these scholarships. Some are intended for students with specific profiles, and others are simply based on need or on academic achievement. You get information and applications from Kristine McCarty, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (282-3856 or

Student Honors

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is the honorary society for schools accredited by the AACSB. An invitation to lifetime membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is extended to juniors and seniors in the spring of each year. Membership is limited to the top ten percent of each class.

Beta Gamma Sigma offers students a lifetime opportunity to network with other members nationwide and participate in the Society's programs throughout your career.

College of Business Fellows
The Fellows represent the very best of our undergraduate business majors based on three dimensions: academics, leadership, and attitude. Past Fellows are now working at Big 4 accounting firms, attending law school and MBA programs, and working at banks, insurance companies, and a variety of companies in Idaho and around the world.

The College of Business executive committee (the College's deans, directors, and department chairpersons) chooses the fellows, based on faculty recommendations. There are over 1,000 business majors at ISU, so the 10-12 students typically chosen each year represent the best one percent of our undergraduates.

Student Organizations

Student organizations help you connect with fellow students who have similar interests, provide leadership opportunities, and give you the chance to meet interesting people. Ask your advisor about meeting times.

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKP)
AKP is a business fraternity well known throughout the community for hosting the annual Idaho Business Leader of the Year Award every spring. AKP selects an outstanding Idaho business executive and brings that executive and her/his executive staff to ISU for two days of conversation and learning.

AKP is always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to join us. Any student who is a business or business-related major at Idaho State is welcome to check out our recruitment page for more information. It is located at

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The student chapter of the ACM is for students interested in information technology and its application in the business and scientific communities. Its goal is to promote knowledge and interest in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing and to create a venue for shared interest in computing. The ACM club regularly has guest speakers. See

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
BAP is open to Accounting, Finance, and CIS majors. The goal of BAP is to promote professional and academic development. The organizations works to promote interaction among professionals, alumni, faculty, and students. BAP provides numerous professional networking and career opportunities for its members.

ISU Marketing Association
The Marketing Association is an organization for all students who have an interest in the marketing profession. Students gain experience in marketing, sales, advertising and marketing management. In the past few years Club members have been involved in having guest speakers, job shadowing, and visits to companies and other organizations.

The ISU Marketing Association hosts the annual "Pokapalooza", a battle of the bands competition on campus. This event gives students some great experience marketing a major event and networking opportunities with local artists and marketing professionals.

Graduation Application

You should complete a graduation application no less than one semester before all requirements are completed. For May and December graduation, the application will not be accepted after the mid-term week of the student's graduation semester. For August graduation, the application deadline is the last day of the spring semester.

Your advisor must review the application for degree requirements, and your major department chairperson and the College of Business Dean must approve the application. The ISU Registrar's office then reviews the application for university requirements.

All applicants are required to pay a Graduation/Diploma fee.

Applications are available from:
Idaho State University
Office of Registration and Records
Location: Museum Building, room 319
Phone: (208) 282-4225

Visit for more information.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209