Courses by Department - Summer Semester
As of 08/06/2010 at 6:33am

Fall 2010 Registration Schedule

Idaho State University Courses
Anthropology (ANTH)
Art (ART)
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
Biomedical and Pharm Sci (PSCI)
Boise State Exchange (BSUX)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Child & Family Studies (CFS)
Com & Rhetorical Studies (COMM)
Com Sci Dis and Ed Deaf (CSED)
Comparative Literatures (CMLT)
Computer Info Systems (CIS)
Counseling (COUN)
Dance (DANC)
Dance Activity (DAAC)
Dental Hygiene (DENT)
Dietetics (NTD)
Economics (ECON)
Education (EDUC)
Educational Admin (EDLA)
Educational Leadership (EDLP)
Engineering (ENGR)
Engineering & Appl. Sci. (EAS)
English (ENGL)
Family Medicine (FMED)
Finance (FIN)
Fire Service Admin (FSA)
Geosciences (GEOL)
German (GERM)
Graduate Oral Exams (ORAL)
Health Care Admin (HCA)
Health Education (H E)
Higher Ed Administration (EDLH)
History (HIST)
Human Resource Training (HRD)
ID Adv Gen Dentistry Prg (IAGD)
Instructional Technology (EDLT)
Management (MGT)
Mass Communication (M C)
Master of Business Admin (MBA)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Mathematics (MATH)
Music (MUSC)
Nuclear Science & Engr. (NSEN)
Nursing (NURS)
Paramedic Science (EMTP)
Pharmacy (PHAR)
Pharmacy Practice (PPRA)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Phys Therapy/Occ Therapy (PTOT)
Physical Educ. Activity (PEAC)
Physical Education (P E)
Physician Assistant (PAS)
Physics (PHYS)
Political Science (POLS)
Psychology (PSYC)
Radiographic Science (R S)
Respiratory Therapy (RESP)
School Psychology (SCPY)
Social Work (SOWK)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish (SPAN)
Special Education (SPED)
Study Abroad (STUA)
Theatre (THEA)
University Of Idaho Courses
Accounting (UACCT)
Accounting (UBLAW)
Adult, Org Learn Leader (UAOLL)
Agricultural Econ & Rura (UAGEC)
Art (UART)
Biological & Ag Engineer (UBAE)
Business (UBUS)
Career and Technology Ed (UCTE)
Chemical Engineering (UCHE)
Chemistry (UCHEM)
Civil Engineering (UCE)
Civil Engineering (UEM)
Communication (UCOMM)
Computer Science (UCS)
Conservation Soc Science (UCSS)
Counseling/Schl Psyc (UCASP)
Ed Curriculum and Instr (UEDCI)
Education (UED)
Educational Administrati (UEDAD)
Electrical & Comp. Engr. (UECE)
Engineering (UENGR)
English (UENGL)
Family & Consumer Scienc (UFCS)
Foreign Language & Liter (UFLEN)
Geology/Geological Engin (UGEOL)
Health Physical Ed Rec & (UH&S)
Health Physical Ed Rec & (UPEP)
History (UHIST)
Landscape Architecture (ULARC)
Letters and Sciences (UAMST)
Letters and Sciences (UENVS)
Materials Science & Engr (UMSE)
Mathematics (UMATH)
Mechanical Engineering (UME)
Music (UMUSH)
Nuclear Engineering (UNE)
Philosophy (UPHIL)
Physics (UPHYS)
Plant Soil & Entomologic (UPLSC)
Political Science (UPOLS)
Prof Tech Technology Ed (UPTTE)
Psychology (UPSYC)
Rangeland Ecology & Mgmt (UREM)
Sociology & Anthropology (UANTH)
Sociology & Anthropology (USOC)
Special Education (UEDSP)
Statistics (USTAT)
Water Resources (UWR)