College of Technology
by Department - Summer Semester

As of 08/06/2010 at 6:37am

For registration and other information about classes in the
College of Technology please contact the
Office of Student Services, (208) 282-2622

Aircraft Maintenance Tec (AIRM)
Automotive Technology (AUTM)
Business Information (BI)
Com & Rhetorical Studies (COMM)
Comp Software Dev Tech (CSDT)
Computer Aided Design (CADD)
Computerized Mach Tech (MACH)
Cosmetology (COSM)
Culinary Arts Technology (CUAR)
Dental Lab Technology (DLT)
Diesel/Diesel Electric (DESL)
Electronic Systems Tech. (ELSY)
Energy Systems Engr Tech (ESET)
English (ENGL)
Graphic Arts/Printing (GART)
Health Occupations (HO)
Information Tech Systems (ITS)
Instr & Automa Engr Tech (INST)
Laser/Electro-Optics (ELEO)
Law Enforcement (LAWE)
Massage Therapy (MSTH)
Physics (PHYS)

Physical Therapist Asst. (PTA)
Practical Nursing (PNUR)
Technical General Educ. (TGE)
Welding (WELD)