College of Technology Courses
by Department - Spring Semester

As of 03/24/2010 at 4:13am

For registration and other information about classes in the
College of Technology please contact the
Office of Student Services, (208) 282-2622

Aircraft Maintenance Tec (AIRM)
Auto Collision Repair (ACRR)
Automotive Technology (AUTM)
Bldg. Construction Tech. (BCT)
Business Information (BI)
Child Development (CHLD)
Civil Engineering Tech (CET)
Com & Rhetorical Studies (COMM)
Comp Software Dev Tech (CSDT)
Computer Aided Design (CADD)
Cosmetology (COSM)
Culinary Arts Technology (CUAR)
Dental Lab Technology (DLT)
Diesel/Diesel Electric (DESL)
Electronic Systems Tech. (ELSY)
Electronic Technology (ELTR)
Energy Systems Engr Tech (ESET)
English (ENGL)
Graphic Arts/Printing (GART)
Health Information Tech (HIT)
Health Occupations (HO)
Laser/Electro-Optics (ELEO)

Computerized Mach Tech (MACH)
Industrial Controls (IC)
Information Tech Systems (ITS)
Instr & Automa Engr Tech (INST)
Law Enforcement (LAWE)
Management Technology (MANT)
Marketing Technology (MART)
Massage Therapy (MSTH)
Mathematics (MATH)
Medical Assisting (MA)
Paralegal Studies (PARA)
Physical Therapist Asst. (PTA)
Physics (PHYS)
Practical Nursing (PNUR)
Technical General Educ. (TGE)
Web Site Design and Mgmt (WDM)
Welding (WELD)