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Adult and Pediatric Hearing Services Clinic (To schedule an appointment call (208) 282-3495)

The ISU Hearing Clinic provides audiological services to patients of all ages from the community and surrounding rural areas. For our adult patients hearing assessment utilizes basic and comprehensive procedures with pre and post hearing aid assessment. Our pediatrics patients include children from birth to 21 and the services provided consist of newborn hearing screenings and follow-up, infant, preschool, and school age screening and diagnostic testing. In our clinic we utilize and complete a typical behavioral test battery Visual Reinforced Audiometry (VRA), Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) and standard puretone testing which is supplemented with immittance, Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE), Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), and Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) as appropriate. Also, Auditory Processing (APD) testing is also offered. Hearing aid services are also provided for all patients in this clinic as well as basic audiologic rehabilitation.

Dizziness and Balance Clinic - (To schedule an appointment call (208) 282-2590)

Audiologists have been involved for a long time in the evaluation of the dizzy patient because of their knowledge of the inner ear. This dual-sensory organ not only processes acoustic information but processes motion information as well. However, many times the underlying cause of the dizziness is a disagreement among the three main systems controlling our balance; vestibular function (inner ear), proprioception, and vision. A thorough evaluation of the dizzy patient often includes evaluation of ALL of these systems how the brain organizes the information to maintain balance. While the audiologists are typically well-trained on the function of the inner ear, proprioception and sensory organization are much more a focus in physical therapy.

The audiology and physical therapy programs at Idaho State University have formed a transdisciplinary clinic for the purpose of evaluating dizziness and balance. Students and clinic supervisors see each patient at the same time. This approach allows each discipline to learn from the other; collaborate on the evaluation of a patient; and provide the patient with high-quality care.

Audiology students start seeing patients in this clinic in the beginning of their second year. They will typically log about 80 patient contact hours before beginning clinical rotations in their third year.

Cochlear Implant Clinic (To schedule an appointment call (208) 282-3495)

The Cochlear Implant Clinic offers services to individuals who already have an implant and those considering implantation. Services at ISU include cochlear implant consultations and implant performance evaluations, implant candidacy evaluations and advising, assistance and mapping with equipment upgrades for Advanced Bionics (Auria/Harmony) and Cochlear Corporation (Sprint, ESPrit, 3G, and Freedom) products, troubleshooting and repairs of devices and accessories, internal device impedance checks and Map adjustments, individualized auditory and speechreading training, individualized speech and language therapy, and support services for educational team members, teachers, parents and other family members.

Newborn Hearing Screening Clinic (To schedule an appointment call (208) 282-3495)

ISU Audiology works in conjunction with Portneuf Medical Center to provide newborn hearing screenings for babies born in the hospital and at home. The program follows the Idaho Sound Beginnings guidelines for infant testing. Initial testing and follow-up screenings, if needed, are provided in the hospital using ABR. For babies who do not pass or those who have high risk factors are seen in our clinic as a follow-up service.
Veterans Administration Hearing Services Clinic

VA Hearing Services Clinic (To schedule an appointment call (208) 282-4034)

The ISU Speech and Hearing Center, in cooperation with the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides hearing and hearing aid related services to the veterans in southeast Idaho.

The program offers services to the veterans but also provides the graduate clinicians in audiology with an opportunity to gain experience with a wide range of diagnostic and audiologic rehabilitation services. This includes hearing evaluations, hearing aid evaluations, fitting traditional and programmable hearing aids, hearing aid orientation, fitting assistive devices, and counseling.


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