Pure Tone Group (PTG) Profiles

Activity Limitation and Participation Restriction

Activity limitation is simply the composite score for four common listening activities (one-on-one, small group, TV listening, and unfavorable situations). These data show one reason why so few from the 4k-1 and 4k-2 groups use hearing aids where the scores are about 25-30%. Such scores are nearly normal since twenty on this score is considered "within normal limits" and greater than thirty percent is usually required before referring for hearing aid fitting. In contrast, the milder flat, sloping, and precipitous groups show average limitation (disability) that lies close to 40% and thus more typical of scores by hearing aid users. The more severe flat and sloping groups show average scores closer to 70% while the precipitous severe group shows slightly less concern at near 60% Participation restriction in this case reflects how much the hearing loss is upsetting to persons. Persons in the severe flat and sloping groups are most upset at about 55%. The severe precipitous is next at 33% and the others are less upset between 14-28%.

One on One Conversation and in Small Groups

The more severe groups show scores 20-30% higher than the milder losses. Precipitous groups show a slightly smaller level of concern. A similar pattern is seen here as shown in one-on-one but differences are only 20-25% between milder and more severe losses.

Listening to TV and in Unfavorable Listening Situations

TV listening looks very much like the pattern in one-on-one. One explanation for this may be that the listener can control the source (i.e. turn up the TV). Persons in all the groups have more trouble than in the previous three situations with the scores reaching 70-80%. The smallest scores are only about 55% compared to around 35% for one-on-one. The differences between severe and mild losses are smaller than in the other three situations.

Hearing Aid Use and Satisfaction

Hearing aid use varies much more than satisfaction. These numbers suggest the severe flat group gets the most use of their aids while the mild precipitous group gets the least. Use may be sensitive to hearing aid benefit in a way that satisfaction is not. Satisfaction levels are similar for all but the P-1 group where satisfaction is 10-15% lower.