Program Costs

The costs associated with the Doctor of Audiology degree include ongoing fees and one-time fees. A window to the university "Cost of Attendance" webpage is shown below and indicates the current tuition as well as other fees.

In addition to tuition, the audiology program has a $65 per credit professional fee and a $5 per semester fee for malpractice insurance. One-time fees include a $100 new student orientation fee and costs related to clinician credentialing, such as background check, immunizations, and CPR/AED certification. Some clinical practicum sites may have additional requirements that would be paid by the student, such as drug testing or additional insurance.

The audiology program at ISU is a member of the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) which allows students from 15 western states to attend ISU at resident tuition rates instead of non-resident tuition rates. For more information, go to .

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Course Fees

In this department, only undergraduate courses are subject to course fees. These funds are restricted in their use to the specific class for which they are assessed. Course fees are posted on the ISU Class Schedule each semester.

Professional Program Fees

Professional program fees have a broader purpose, in that they support the entire program function, as opposed to individual courses. There are 4 professional program fees assessed in the department, as listed below:

Doctor of Audiology: $65 per credit hour

Speech Language Pathology Master of Science: $65 per credit hour

Online Preprofessional Program: $255 per credit hour

Online Speech Language Pathology Master of Science: $480

The online program fees are substantially higher than on campus, because new financial support was needed to develop and continue these high demand programs.


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