The AuD Capstone "Clinical Project"

The Capstone Project is intended to be one of the final requirements of the Au.D. degree. It allows the student to demonstrate the ability to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the program and to apply those skills to an audiologically related project. Since the project demands a great deal of independent thought and expression, it is a fitting culmination to their doctoral program. The Capstone Project represents the student's skills, interests and knowledge in the field of audiology and allow them to draw from their didactic and clinical experiences to further develop their critical thinking, writing and creative skills.  There are a wide range of possible formats and topics that fulfill the project requirements. Upon completion of your project, students are expected to present their work in an appropriate setting (e.g., local, state or national conference) and if possible, submit their work for publication.

Class of 2016

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

Class of 2013N400 ERP Map

  • Dr. Hillary Carlson
    • Title:  Normative Data for Tone Burst ABR in Infants with Normal Hearing
  • Dr. Nicole Butler
    • Working Title:  N400 ERPs in Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Hearing Age, SES and Language Skills
  • Dr. Melinda Mackey
    • Working Title:
  • Dr. Mark Maxwell
    • Working Title:  Intersubject Variability in Audiometric Thresholds when obtained with Supraaural and Insert Earphones
  • Dr. Cory Workman
    • Working Title: Auditory Brainstem Response: A Comparison of Two Recording Systems

Class of 2012

  • Dr. Andrew Nixon
    • Title: Smart Technology Systems Found in Personal Hearing Aid Devices
  • Dr. Jessica Evenstand
    • Title: Early identification of Hearing Loss and What it Means for Parents: A Resource Guide
  • Dr. Spencer Lifferth
    • Title: Spanish Translation of ISU Audiology Clinic Materials
  • Dr. Whitney Jacky
    • Title: Knowledge of Students with Hearing Impairment Pursuing Post-Secondary Education Regarding Transition and Disability Laws
  • Dr. Jennifer Durbin
    • Title: Employee’s Motivation to Protect Hearing After the Implementation of a Hearing Conservation Program
  • Dr. Steven Anderson
    • Title: Cochlear Implant Use in a Postlingually Deafened Adult: A Case Study
  • Dr. Samuel Peterson
    • Title: Measuring Wideband Acoustic Transfer Functions in Clinical Populations: Case Study Evaluations

Class of 2011

  • Dr. Alysse Cole 
    • Title: A New Model for Screening Patients with Dizziness
  • Dr. Andrea Richardson
    • Use of High Risk Factors for Screening Hearing in Newborns: A Survey of Public Health Audiologists and Administrators
  • Dr. Corrie Smith
    • Increased Susceptibility to Noise Induced Temporary Threshold Shifts after Simultaneous Exposure to Music and Excercise
  • Dr. Spencer Tietjen 
    • Title:  Otolith Function Screening Using the Subjedtive Visual Vertical/Horizontal
  • Dr. Erin Johnson
    • Title:  A Survey of School Professionals' Knowledge of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Dr. Taylor Kilgore
    • Title: Factors Influencing Cochlear Implant Success in Children
  • Dr. Steve Forsey
    • Title:  Audiometric Equipment as Possible Vectors of Infection

Class of 2010

  • Dr. Lindsay Tucker
    • Title: Post-Rotary Nystagmus Decay Time Differences Between Competitive Collegiate Dancers and Non-Dancers
  • Dr. Dawn Young
    • Title: Student Satisfaction With Audiology Doctoral Programs
  • Dr. Ellie Young
    • Title: Appropriateness of Hearing Protection Devices for Use in the Pediatric Population 
  • Dr. Damon Boyce
    • Title: Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials: Test-Retest Reliability in Healthy Subjects
  • Dr. Camron Meikle
    • Title: College Student's Social Perceptions of 8-12 year Old Caucasian Males Wearing Hearing Aids
  • Dr. Elena Messer-Stamm
    • Title: The Relationship Between the Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment (MAPA) and teh Biological marker of Audiotory Procesing (BioMARK)

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

  • Dr. Jessica Stich-Hennen
    • Title: Bone Conduction Auditory Stead-State Responses in Adults with Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  • Dr. Mike Maxwell
    • Title:  The Effects of Gaze Angle on Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials in Children and Adults
  • Dr. Mike Hodes
    • Title:  Psychometric Properties of the Computerized SAC and SOAC


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