Sign Language Studies Minor

The Sign Language Studies minor is designed primarily for upper division students (junior/senior) who have related major (ELEM ED, FCS, CSD, SEC ED, SPED) and are not A.S. degree seeking. Most will be anticipating a M.S. degree in Deaf Education. The minor could be extended over 3 to 4 years. This minor of study is a brief introduction to the language and culture of Deaf Americans and in no way prepares students to work as sign language interpreters.

In addition to the ISU Objective requirements, the following classes are required:

CSD 1151/1151L ASL I (4)
CSD 1126 Deaf Studies (1)
CSD 1152/1152L ASL II (4)
CSD 2205 Intro to Comm Diff and Disorders (3)
CSD 2250/2250L Signing Seminar (4)


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