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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Sciences with an emphasis in Speech Language Pathology consists of a curriculum heavily based in biological and social sciences. Those graduating with a bachelor's degree are prepared to apply to graduate school for Speech Language Pathology. (The Master's Degree is the entry level degree in the field of Speech Language Pathology.)

In order to begin taking classes (typically spring of sophomore year), you must possess a GPA of 3.0 or better. You will need to meet with an advisor to discuss pre-requisites and plan your studies.

Need an advisor? Email or call 208.282.4544.

Do you want to learn more about the professions of Speech Pathology, Audiology and Sign Language Studies? Sign up for CSD 2205: Introduction to the Communication Sciences, offered every spring semester on the Meridian and Pocatello campuses.

Bachelor of Science Suggested Sequence of Coursework-Speech Emphasis
Bachelor of Science Suggested Sequence of Coursework-Audiology Emphasis

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On Campus Pre-Professional Curriculum-Speech Emphasis
On Campus Pre-Professional Curriculum-Audiology Emphasis

Students wishing to attend the Meridian Campus should contact Ali Crane for additional information about applying, as space is limited.

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Director; Student Services & Enrollment Planning

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