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Biofeedback utilizes instruments to measure biological signals from our body such as heartrate, breathing, muscle activity, sweat, and temperature to train important skills such as relaxation or tension reduction. Most of these natural biological signals in our body are ignored until we develop a problem such as stress, anxiety, or pain. Biofeedback can increase awareness to our body's response and improve our ability to regulate emotion and promote wellbeing. Through monitoring our body's reactions and consistent practice we are able to develop effective responses to stress.

For more info review: How Biofeedback Training Can Help You!

Please contact our staff at least 3-4 weeks in advance if you are interested in scheduling a tour of the Biofeedback Center or would like us to present on stress management for your class. Please do not assign your students to complete a biofeedback appointment as our availability for biofeedback training is limited.


Common Goals of Biofeedback Training

Improve awareness of our mind and body
Promote relaxation in response to stress
Decrease tension, pain, or emotional dysregulation
Improve sleep and overall health
Reduce anxiety, stress, or depression

What to Expect on Your First Appointment

You will be asked to complete a few brief forms about your health and stress related concerns. You will then collaborate with your biofeedback trainer to develop a plan to meet your goals for biofeedback training. Most individuals begin by completing a stress assessment to determine how your body responds to mild stressful situations and a relaxation profile which helps us see which biofeedback techniques may be most helpful for you. The next training sessions (typically 2-4) will focus on developing specific skills for relaxation or tension reduction utilizing one or several of the following techniques:

Overview of Relaxation Skills
Body Scan
Performance Rehearsal
Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Biofeedback Center Locations

The Stress Management and Biofeedback Center on the Pocatello campus is located next to the Bengal Pharmacy in the Student Health Center. In Idaho Falls, services are provided through Counseling Testing and Career Services in the Bennion Student Union. Biofeedback services are FREE and offered only to currently enrolled ISU students. To schedule an appointment, please stop by our main offices or give us a call.

Pocatello Campus
University Counseling and Testing Service
Graveley 351

Idaho Falls Campus
Counseling Testing and Career Services
Bennion Student Union - Room 223



Practice relaxation skills by playing our interactive biofeedback games. All games use a sensor that gently clips to your ear that measures heart rhythms that are regulated by your breathing. All of these games are available at our self-directed Relaxation Station in the waiting room of the Counseling and Testing Services on the third floor of Graveley Hall.

EmWave by HeartMath

Bring your heart, mind, and emotions in balance by monitoring your heart rhythms and finding your optimal breathing rate.


Relaxing Rhythms by Wild Divine

Learn from Zen Masters as they guide you through relaxation exercises designed to uncover your body's natural ability to decompress from the demands of daily living.


Dual Drive by Somatic Vision

Practice relaxation and breathing in this car-racing game to improve your ability to stay calm and concentrate in a fast paced environment.


Heart Rate Variability Apps

What is HRV?
iRelief (for iPhone) $2
Paced Breathing (Android)
My Calm Beat (Android)

Free Online Breath Pacers

My Calm Beat
Sine Wave
Do As One

Healthy Strategies

Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety
Strategies to Improve Sleep

Relaxation Recordings

Music and Waves Paced Breathing
BYU Biofeedback Services
UCSD Center for Mindfulness

A special thanks and recognition to Barbara Morrell Ph.D. from BYU's Counseling and Psychological Services for her mentorship and resources in making our Biofeedback Center at ISU possible!


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209