University Counseling and Testing Service

Biofeedback Training for Mental Health Professionals

2017 Summer Biofeedback Training Series

Thursdays 9:00 - 12:00, May 25 - August 10

This 12 week workshop training series will review principles of biofeedback and provide instruction to work with biofeedback programs and equipment. Participants are expected to read didactic material prior to weekly meetings and come prepared with notes and questions. Each 3 hour weekly training will be a discussion of what we have read rather than content being taught. The primary resources include: HRV & Biofeedback Tutors and Inna Khazan's manual, The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback: A Step-by-Step Guide for Training and Practice with Mindfulness. Additional resources will be provided throughout the workshop. Given that mindfulness is an important component of biofeedback, we hope to approach this course mindfully and with compassion for ourselves and for what we have yet to learn.

Weeks 1 - 6 (May 25 - June 29): General Biofeedback

The first six weeks will review general principles of biofeedback. Topics will include: history, research, ethics, psychophysiology, electricity, stress, relaxation, skeletal muscles, electrodermal, pain, cardiovascular, respiratory, ethics, sensors (EMG, blood volume pulse, respiration bands, electrodermal), and applications (musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pain, autonomic, respiration).

Participants can earn up to 18 CEUs by completing the Gerneral Biofeedback Training series. Attendance cost: $100.

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Weeks 7 - 12 (July 6 - August 10): Heart Rate Variability

The second six weeks will cover principles of Heart Rate Variability biofeedback. Topics will include: psychophysiology, stress, relaxation, autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, sensors (blood volume pulse, respiration bands, artifacting), measurement (time domain, frequency domain, nonlinear), assessment (HRV, resonance frequency, respiration), training protocols (breathing, HRV), applications (evidence-based interventions), and ethics.

Participants can earn up to 18 CEUs by completing the Heart Rate Variability Training series. Attendance cost: $100.

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Presenter: Cameron Staley, Ph.D.

Cameron Staley is a licensed clinical psychologist at Idaho State University's Counseling and Testing Service. He helped establish the Stress Management and Biofeedback Center on ISU's campus in 2015 which has served over 150 students since its inception. He led a 12 week biofeedback training series last summer for mental health professionals and graduate students at ISU. Cameron completed a semester long biofeedback rotation during his psychology predoctoral internship and a four day intensive biofeedback training at the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback annual conference in Austin, TX. He has attained the Certificate of Completion in Heart Rate Variability biofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Cameron incorporates mindfulness based biofeedback training in his clinical practice as well as in his personal self-care.


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