University Counseling and Testing Service

Training Opportunities

University Counseling & Testing Service offers a variety of training options for masters and doctoral students from the Counseling and Clinical Psychology departments. Additional training opportunities are available on our Idaho Falls campus for masters and doctoral students from the Counseling department. Students may specialize in individual or couple therapy, group counseling (e.g. interpersonal, DBT, etc.), or biofeedback/stress management modalities. Training details and applications are listed below. Interested students are encouraged to submit an application, the earlier the better. Applicants will then meet with Counseling and Testing Service staff members for an interview. We accept, on average, between 3 and 6 students per semester and ask all trainees to make a commitment to be here for at least two semesters, excluding summer. We are also pleased to offer paid practicum/internship opportunities to qualified graduate students through the CPI program.

For more information, please contact our office:
Pocatello: Jennifer Miesch, Ph.D. - (208) 282-2130
Idaho Falls: Julie Thompson, M.Coun. - (208) 282-7750

Individual, Couple, and Group Practicum/Internship

University Counseling and Testing Service provides free, personal counseling to any enrolled ISU student. Our clients are as diverse as the ISU student population in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, nationality, and religion, and they seek help with a wide variety of concerns. We commonly see students working to overcome mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, and traumatic events in childhood and adult life. We do not set session limits so a student might be seen one time or through his or her entire academic program. We provide individual, couple, group, and crisis counseling. We welcome graduate students from the clinical psychology and counseling programs to apply for practicum and masters level internship experiences here. We require trainees be here for at least two semesters (not counting summer). Trainees typically have a consistent weekly caseload of 5-10 client hours (individual, couple, and group), and receive one hour of individual and one hour of group supervision weekly. Trainees are encouraged to participate in providing education/prevention presentations and co-leading groups alongside our staff. All sessions are recorded for supervision.

A variety of groups are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters contingent upon client enrollment. Currently offered groups include Interpersonal Process/Understanding Self and Others, DBT, Mindfulness Meditation, and Mindful Living.

Application form for Clinical Practicum/Internship

Biofeedback and Stress Management Practicum/Internship

The University Counseling and Testing Service is offering a 1 credit biofeedback practicum in our Stress Management and Biofeedback Center. Practicum students will devote around 10 hours per week for at least 2 semesters. This practicum will provide graduate students with extensive training regarding several biofeedback modalities that are helpful in promoting overall health and relaxation as well as effective treatment for stress, pain, and anxiety. Practicum students will learn how to utilize biofeedback sensors to measure biological signals such as heartrate, breathing, muscle activity, sweat, and temperature. These biological recordings are helpful in teaching proper breathing techniques, relaxation skills, and pain management procedures to ISU students who request biofeedback services.

Application form for Biofeedback Practicum/Internship

CPI Funding for Practicum/Internship

All graduate students accepted for training opportunities will be considered for CPI funding. This funding allows the practicum/internship trainee to be paid while learning valuable skills for their future career path. Check here for more information about the CPI Program


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