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Aircraft Maintenance

About our program

The field of Aircraft Maintenance has a huge, largely unfilled demand for Technicians. Aircraft Technicians perform all types of maintenance on airplanes, helicopters, gliders and balloons. They inspect, maintain and repair airframes, power plants, and the respective systems and components. Technicians work within Federal Aviation Administration regulations and guidelines. Learn More....

What does the Job Market Look Like?

There is a huge demand for new Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. Many older mechanics are reaching retirement age. New ISU Aircraft Maintenance graduates are actively sought in the aircraft industry for their skill and professionalism. Each year the school receives more requests for graduate placement than we are able to fulfill.

Experience that leads to Jobs

The ISU's Aircraft Maintenance Program is one of only a handful in the country that performs live work, that is, work on actual customer’s aircraft, in a teaching environment. Students, under staff supervision, perform actual inspections and corrective maintenance. Live work reinforces classroom instruction and theory as well as making the course much more interesting.

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