College of Technology

Collegiate Track Semi-finalists

GeoViz Group

Team Leader: Donna Delparte, Idaho State University, College of Science and Engineering
Collaborating with College of Technology

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Team Leader: Tyler Jacobson, Idaho State University


GO FISHON was founded in 2013 and is a new startup company that came about to fill a need of anglers. Many anglers like to use multiple poles and like everyone else are not able to watch every pole every second. Our mission is to provide a device that alerts an angler that there is a fish on and additional information about that fish before it has been landed. GO FISHON is owned by Tyler Jacobson who is also the inventor located in Chubbuck, Idaho.

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Greenbooks LLC

Team Leader: Jorge Rangel, Idaho State University - Accounting student at Idaho State University


Greenbooks are thin client, dual screen tablets for K-12 students. Greenbooks utilizes virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology. VDI delivers desktop computing capabilities to thin-client devices - also known as 'dummy' terminals. Greenbooks LLC generates revenue from 1) installing and configuring the technology, 2) leasing hardware, and 3) maintaining & servicing the technology.

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Portneuf Valley Brewing

Team Leader: Colter Pugh, Idaho State University

I am currently a second year student at Idaho State University with a major emphasis in business management and marketing. My academic goals are to obtain my BAT in Business Technology.


Bring the whole family to Portneuf Valley Brewing to enjoy hand-made meals and house crafted beer. Operated with family in mind, a menu full of variety and house brewed sarsaparilla are available to accommodate any family evening spent together in relaxation.

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Team Leader: Brent Singley, Midwifes College of Utah
MS/Economics, BS/Finance, career in Human Resource Management



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Team Leader: Jacob Hall, Idaho State University


Tsunami seeks to liberate the world through innovative music technology. We envision enabling athletes and the general public to enjoy the music they love without the hassle of cords or accompanying devices in their hands or strapped to their person. Tsunami's completely wireless ear-buds with built in MP3 storage capacities is a truly unique product to the current music market. Its capacitive touch screens allow the user to interact with their device on a more personal basis.

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Community Track Semi-finalists

Be The Maven

Team Leader: Tyler Price
I am the CEO and owner of Austin Kade Academy. We are a cosmetology school with two locations, Idaho Falls, ID and Pocatello, ID.


Be The Maven is an aide for micro-businesses. The idea it to use technology to help entrepreneurs run their businesses and allow them to see real time results in regards to Key Performance Indications. Too many businesses don't know how they are doing but have a hope that they are running profitably. This technology will allow the micro-businesses to focus on their customers and quality of their service or goods. The tech will help in scheduling, credit card processing, KPI tracking, social media interactions, text and email marketing, training, peer to peer networking and any other areas that are deem helpful and necessary. The first roll out will be done in the Beauty Industry as this is an area I have a lot of knowledge in. I currently own two beauty schools in Idaho and help my graduates in starting their own micro-businesses by teaching them important KPI's and using social media to brand their business. In watching them work in the market place I see that many are not tracking important information due to the fact that they are working hard and at the end of a long day they want to relax and not spend the next hour compiling data. The vision it to allow these professionals to work and allowing the data to be gathered for them and at the end of the day showing them how they did towards their goals and other areas that will help them in their business. The target groups for this app and tech will be cosmetologist, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapist. The application speaks to other similar industries but the initially will only be offered to these members in the beauty space.

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Team Leader: John Stoneback

I have 20 years of customer service, billing and marketing to consumers in a corporate setting, including credit card services, phone systems, internet and mobile technology solutions.


BeLively is a social-mobile marketplace and community for locally owned/grown businesses, professionals, and organizations to deliver their value to the digital marketplace. It's not all about coupons. It gives the local business community an opportunity to share their story, who they are, and why the community should be compelled to do business with these businesses. It is like Small Business Saturday and more!

We provide services, features, and functions that help our clients build relationships, not just give away the farm in hopes of getting new traffic through the door.

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CC Metrology

Team Leader: Larry Gebhardt, Director of Research & Development

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Multiwinder INc

Team Leader: Craig Jorgensen
Former Attorney- Former Us Magistrate Judge


Our company has developed and patented a device used to wind up a myriad of items. Primary market - truck drivers who need to wind up their cargo straps quickly and neatly. Other markets -with the use of spools- for consumers to wind up and store electric cords, holiday lights, rope etc. The spools make for handy easy storage and retrieval. We have a Florida co. who has agreed to order the device, film and produce a TV ad and buy the media time. We need additional startup funds ($200K) to tool up and start manufacture.

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Sympli Safe, DBA

Team Leader: Larry Teckmeyer
20+ years businessman, Chef, caretaker, dog dad, inventor.


Safety product for pets and people.

Self-retracting door stopper! One of a kind, brand new invention!

Door Goalie, auto retracts door stopper!

Protects fingers, toes and tails from Slamming doors, but retracts automatically if door closing slowly! Amazing!

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Stephens Development


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209