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Human Simulation and Patient Safety Laboratories

Human Simulation Laboratories at Idaho State University, College of Technology feature Human Patient Simulators (HPS). The College has two fixed and one mobile lab in Pocatello. The HPS’s are full sized manikins that are capable of producing life like physiological replications of health/disease states and will respond to medical treatment. This is accomplished by state of the art computer software and a faculty member that together produce extraordinarily realistic encounters.

The HPS provides flexible and customized training in emergency medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacology, nursing care and other technical health care skills. Our labs mirror emergency departments, industrial or domestic settings and critical care transport environments. Common physiological data can be displayed such as Heart Rate, EKG, O2 Saturation, Blood Pressure, Expired Gases, and Body Temperature.

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Skills, Confidence, & Patient Safety

The Human Simulation Laboratories are state of the art and designed with the core fundamentals in medical simulation: (1) illusion in the training environment; (2) realistic physiological presentations and response to intervention; (3) high quality digital recording complete with timelines for accurate appraisals and debriefing. It is through these critical elements students learn to interpret, perform tasks and evaluate patients utilizing key psychomotor skills and decision-making. The goal of simulation is to challenge and validate all skills basic and complex through a variety of scenarios that replicate common and uncommon patient management. Through this opportunity students and seasoned professionals alike have a chance to participate in a zero risk/high yield setting to practice, build confidence and affect safety for both the provider and patient.


Our labs were conceived to bring the latest technology in HPS to our students and faculty. In addition we have been able to design, with the Health Sciences mission of Idaho State University in mind, capacity for currently practicing healthcare and medical professionals to join us in HPS training. All are welcome from medicine and nursing to EMS and allied health professions. Our labs can accommodate small or larger groups and with our mobile lab we can reach out to rural locations in Idaho and Wyoming.


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