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Paralegal Studies

Program Description

Paralegals, also called legal assistants, are an integral part of the legal team. Paralegals investigate facts, conduct legal research, interview clients, organize and analyze case materials and information, draft legal documents and correspondence, and generally assist in all phases of litigation. The Paralegal Studies program seeks to educate and equip students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform these tasks competently and effectively in a variety of legal settings. Paralegals may work in many areas of the law--civil litigation, bankruptcy, corporate, criminal, administrative, environmental, real estate, domestic, health care, employment, estate planning, and more. Courses in the Paralegal Studies program provide instruction in specific areas of law and practice in developing requisite skills.

Most paralegals work in law firms. There are also job opportunities for paralegals in government agencies, courts, legal clinics, corporations, banks, insurance companies, title companies, records centers, and other businesses where law-related work is performed.

Although they perform many of the same tasks as lawyers, paralegals do not engage in the practice of law or have clients to whom they provide legal services. They work under the supervision of lawyers, performing tasks that are delegated by a lawyer or for which a lawyer is ultimately responsible. Paralegals may work in limited areas where non-lawyers are authorized by law to assume certain law-related responsibilities.

Program Statistics

Program Overview

  • Program accepts students in August
  • Program admits 16 students each year

Degree Options

Career Opportunities

  • Law firms
  • Courts
  • Government agencies
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Educational institutions
  • Self employment
Minimum Test Scores
SAT English: 360 Math: 460
rSAT English: 360 Math: 500
ACT English: 14 Math: 19
ALEKS Math: 30
AccuPlacer English: 53
COMPASS Writing: 55 Algebra: 45

Cost of Attendance

Fees apply to the current Idaho State University fee schedule which includes mandatory student health insurance. Students with existing health insurance coverage may waive student health insurance. Waivers are available at

Paying for College

You may apply for financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans to help finance your college education. When you pay registration fees, you are a student of Idaho State University with the privileges and responsibilities of a college student.


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