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Business Professionals of America (BPA)

BPA is an organization of students enrolled in business and office occupations. It is an integral part of the educational program and is designed to develop leadership abilities, generate interest in and understanding of the American business system while strengthening classroom educational experiences. Primary club sponsor is Marie Campbell.

Health Information Technology (HIT)

The HIT student organization attended the American Health Information Management National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a great learning experience to be exposed to the profession on a national level. In November the student group generally sponsors a luncheon to celebrate National Health Information Management Week. Students have attended the Idaho Health Information Management Spring Convention in Boise, Idaho. This enabled the students to meet other professionals and students at the state level. The student group is planning to attend the AHIMA national convention whenever possible. Primary club sponsor is Glenna Young.

International Society of Measurement and Control (ISA)

Since the Instrumentation Society of America (ISA) is actually involved internationally, this organization underwent a name change to become the International Society of Measurement and Control. The letters ISA will remain the identifiers for this organization. In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of ISA, students attended a convention in Salt Lake City where Blair Ives, International ISA President was the speaker. The Idaho Falls regular section of ISA donated $1000 to support the ISU instrumentation training tape library. ISU's student ISA chapter has represented the university at shows in Idaho Falls. The booth displayed items from both the CTech Electronics programs and the College of Engineering graduate program. Clint Bowles, 1994 ISA student section president participated as a control technician in the production of five ISA training tapes being used internationally. The College of Technology has been selected by ISA to be one of ten North American schools hosting the control systems technicians certification tests. Primary club sponsor is Terry Snarr.

ISU Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

The purpose of the organization is to promote professionalism and education of members. Speakers and tours of computer facilities and related companies, such as AMI, INEEL, and the City of Pocatello, are examples of ways the students endeavor to expand their educational experiences. They also involved in the community in many ways such as sponsoring a family during the Christmas season. Although primarily composed of College of Technology Computer Software Development Technology students, the ISU AITP organization also is comprised of traditionally academic students in the Information Systems fields. The ISU AITP students have participated in the national Collegiate Programming Competition, one year bringing home first place in the Nation. Primary club sponsor is National AITP, Boise Chapter. Faculty Advisor is Paul Naas.

Medical Assisting Student Organization

The Medical Assisting Student Organization is actively involved in fund raisers and community service. In the past, the students raised money to adopt a needy family at Christmas, hosted a luncheon for the medical community during Medical Assisting Week, improved the learning lab, and sent students to the state convention of the American Association of Medical Assistants. The club also sponsors several social functions for the members throughout the year. One class developed a graduation pin and purchased pins for all the past and present graduates. The officers are very active in student relations and student government. Primary club sponsor in Norma Bird.

Radio Broadcast Club (RBC)

The Bengal Amateur Radio Club or BARC, currently operates from the RF Lab in the Industrial Crafts building on the ISU Campus. The club has put together a state-of-the-art Amateur Radio Station and has been officially licensed by the Federal Communications Commission with the call sign of W7ISU. The station consists of an ICOM HF radio which is used to contact people around the world and a KENWOOD VHF/UHF radio which is used to work repeaters across the area. The club also operates a VHF packet radio system which can be contacted under the call sign of W7ISU-2. The club has been active in participating in national and international ARRL contests and won the clean sweep contest in the fall of 1998. The club members have built the station from the ground up and currently maintain it as well as the antenna farm on the roof. Recently a local ARRL certified testing team provided a test on campus where 6 new amateurs received their technician licenses. For more information regarding the club and meeting dates, please contact R. Scott Rasmussen at 282-3400 or by e-mail. E-mail Scott Rasmussen.

SKILLS USA VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America)

SKILLS USA VICA is comprised of students in various programs within the college. It prepares students for leadership and quality in industry. Due to the efforts of ISU students, civil engineering technology has been added to the skills competition, and ISU will be allowed to organize an alumni association. ISU has had students hold offices at all levels, including national, state, and local. Primary club sponsor is Annette Christensen.

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