Since its beginning, the C.W. HOG program has never had the luxury of a well funded budget.  Our priorities have always included providing high quality outdoor recreational opportunities and meeting the needs of community members and Idaho State University students.

2GirlsF.jpgApproximately one half of our annual budget is provided by the Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU) through student fees.  The other half must be brought in through our important fund raisers.  We have worked hard to earn the respect and support of individuals and businesses in not only South East Idaho, but across the Nation.

Some of the things that fund raising has enabled us to do include:  establish the C.W. HOG Camp for Kids, purchase adaptive equipment to enable people to snow ski, water ski, or x-country ski, offer swimming and weight training courses, provide scholarships, provide a small stipend for deserving intern students and many, many other projects.  Without the help of our friends, projects such as these would not be possible.

The reason outdoor recreation is so important, is the power that the outdoor possesses.  For years now C.W. HOG has changed peoples lives.  By participating in outdoor recreation, individuals establish life long friendships and find a connection with the outdoors.  In today's fast paced crazy world, the C.W. HOG staff and volunteers offer a healthy and hopeful alternative to individuals and families they may have never known existed.  With your help and commitment, we can continue long into the future to provide individuals an opportunity to change their lives.

It's so easy to help

A cash donation, however small, is gratefully accepted and you can rest assured it will go a long way to help.  Donations are fully tax deductible.  You can designate your contribution go to a specific area or to one of the endowment funds listed below or we will use it where it is needed most.

ScubaF.jpgDonations of equipment

We are always looking for equipment.  Items that have been given in the past include: sailboats, ATV's, outdoor clothing, tents, backpacks, water ski equipment, just to mention a few.  We provide a tax credit for the value of the items you donate.

Send donations to;
Box 8128,
Pocatello, Idaho 83209

Endowment Funds

We have established three endowment funds.  In each case, the principle of the endowment fund is invested in safe, conservative investments through the ISU Foundation.  We only have access to the interest earned.  This way your contribution continues to provide benefits well into the future.  If desired, you may request that your donation go to one of the following or we will use it where it is needed most.

  • C.W. HOG ENDOWMENT FUND.  This is our main endowment which helps us fund activities and programs.
  • MARILYN SMITH MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT.  The Marilyn Smith Memorial Endowment was established by Marilyn's daughter, Debi, and her son Dan.  Marilyn was a founding member of C.W. HOG, and Board Member for many years and an important force in shaping HOG through the years.  This Endowment is used to fund programs, activities and purchase equipment for C.W. HOG.
  • BILL FRANCIS MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND.  This  endowment fund was established in memory of Bill Francis.  On odd years, a grant from the fund is given to the C.W. HOG program for activities for people with disabilities and on even years to the Outdoor Program for working scholarships, internships and other important projects.

KayakF.jpgStarting a new Endowment Fund...

We are always welcome to ideas about creating new endowment funds.  New funds can be created for a specific purpose to honor a friend or family member who has passed away.  The ISU Foundation will help you meet your specific needs.  A minimum of $5,000 is required to have sufficient principle to get the endowment off the ground.

For further information, contact;

Jeff Brandt, Director
Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group
Idaho State University
P.O. Box 8128
Pocatello, Idaho 83209
(208) 236-3912