History of C.W. HOG

The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group (C.W. HOG)

TRapFCR.jpgThe Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group, a regional self-help group, was established in 1981 to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities.  The program is part of Idaho State Universtiy in Pocatello, Idaho.

C.W. HOG has established four goals:

  • Provide challenging outdoor adventure activities in a supportive environment.
  • Establish a supportive social network for people with disabilities and able bodied individuals.
  • Further societal integration by building ties between individuals with disabilities and other community members.
  • Educate the community to accept and value people with disabilities.

From within the security of a supportive peer group, individuals redefine their physical and emotional boundaries.  Activities are directed by group consensus and are not watered down or contrived.  Through self direction, participants gain the skills to initiate activities independently and for the benefit of the group.

Anyone can become a part of C.W. HOG.  If you are involved with the program you are considered a "HOG". Participants include individuals of all abilities and ages.

Dedication from volunteers keeps C.W. HOG alive.  Volunteers frequently get more from the experience than they put into it.  You only need a desire to have fun and a willingness to do a little hard work.

Classes taught through the C.W. HOG Program include weight training, swimming, martial arts, snow skiing, and water skiing.  Students learn to build strength, endurance, and flexibility.  This ability training is not only necessary for participation in adventure activities, but also for every day living.  These classes are offered through the Physical Education Department on campus.  Courses are also available for students interested in learning how to instruct activities involving people with disabilities.

C.W. HOG trips are based upon the "Common Adventure" principle.  There are no paid guides, and no trip expenses go to pay anyone's way.  All participants share in the planning, decision making, expense and execution of the adventure.  This not only makes the trip more affordable, it enhances the richness of the experience by involving everyone.  All members of the group need to work together to make the trip fun and safe.   A trip calendar provides a monthly schedule of upcoming activities.  Details about activities are also posted in the C.W. HOG office.

Past Trip Highlights

EXPLORING THE GREAT OUTDOORS:  Realizing recreational dreams and building an identity.


RRunF.jpgCOLORADO RIVER EXPEDITION - Arizona 1985, 21 days, repeated 1988.
First disabled noncommercial journey through the Grand Canyon.  By kayak and raft, 280 miles of the largest navigable whitewater in the Continental United States.

GREEN/YAMPA RIVERS - Colorado/Utah, 1985 / 1986 / 1987 / 1988 / 1990 / 1993 / 1997, 7 days, 65 miles.
Tracing Captain John Wesley Powell's historic expedition through the headwaters of the Colorado River.

RIVER OF NO RETURN - Main Salmon, Idaho, 1982 / 1983 / 1984 / 1986 / 1987 / 1989 / 1991 / 1994 / 1995.
Fully self-supported 10-day expedition through the largest wilderness area in the United States.  (1983) Filmed for national television by NBC's Real People.

MIDDLE FORK OF SALMON RIVER - Idaho, 1983, 12 days.
Technically demanding 96 mile expedition on America's premier wild and scenic whitewater river.

SEA KAYAKING - BROKEN ISLANDS, British Columbia, Canada, 1986, 10 days.
Touring in the rugged Pacific Rim National Park.  Exploring indian ruins, fishing, and camping on uninhabited islands.

1987, 7 days.
Touring the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  Rich in Marine life.

1990 - present.
A specially designed Kan Ski water-ski provides disabled participants learning a new sport.

Mount Everest
1998, 41 days.
The first group of people with disabilities to reach base camp.

1993 / 1994 / 1996 / 1997
Puerto Penasco
Enjoying the beach and waters of the Sea of Cortex.
Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Para-sailing.


SkiSled2F.jpgBADGER CREEK HORSE RIDING TRIP - Idaho, 1983, 2 days.
Horse packing in the Grand Tetons.

Idaho, 1987, 4 days.
Horse packing trip.

DOGSLEDDING - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 1983, 1993, 1 day.
Forty (40) miles of grandeur through the historic scene of our nation's fur trade era.

ALPINE SKIING - Winter Park, Colorado, 1982-1989, 7 days.
  Instruction and experience at the world's largest handicapped ski school.  Training for C. W. HOG volunteer instructors.

Kitzbuhel, Austria 1990, 7 days.
Alpine skiing and sightseeing throughout Austria, Germany and Italy.

Alberta, Canada 1991, 1992, 8 days.
Alpine skiing and ice climbing - William Watson Lodge.

POCATELLO ADAPTIVE SKI SCHOOL (PASS) - Pocatello, Idaho, 1982-present.
Alpine ski instruction and recreational skiing opportunities for skiers with disabilities.  Instruction is offered by certified instructors and volunteers, trained in nationally approved adaptive techniques, for beginning through advanced skiers as well as racers.

For further information, contact;

Jeff Brandt, Director
Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group
Idaho State University
P.O. Box 8128
Pocatello, Idaho 83209
(208) 236-3912