Bob Meyer

Bob1FCR.jpgI am forty-two years old and own a Domino's Pizza franchise in Pocatello, Idaho. I have been married to Debbie for sixteen years, and have three children; Jason, Caitlin, and Mariah. Although, I am originally from the East Coast, I had a strong infatuation with mountains and moved west to Montana in 1975 to live a life doing the things that I really love; hunting, boating, fishing, hiking, skiing, and camping.

I became involved with the "HOGS" in the summer of 1997 when I was a parent volunteer for their "Piglet" kids camp program. One of my children has special needs and the HOG program is a perfect environment to help her excel.

My infatuation with mountains has always included the Himalayas, and it was tops on my list of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do in my lifetime.  C.W.HOG helped make that happen. Going to Everest Basecamp with the Hogs was the opportunity of a lifetime.  I really felt like it was history in the making.  Our group was bound by a comradery and a sense of purpose rarely seen. The sheer enormity of this mountain range is hard to describe and the mountains keep going up and up until you almost can't see any further.


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