Lizzie Whittaker

Lizzie1FCR.jpgElizabeth Whittaker, 6 Six years old, is the daughter of Tom & Cindy Whittaker.  She has trekked into the Annapurna Sanctuary and up to 15,000 feet in route to Everest Base Camp.  With her parents she has done river rafting, beginning climbing and hiking around the world.

Lizzie loved the horses and the horse boys who looked after them and her.  She was given riding lessons everyday when we arrived in camp. She says "I love those wild ponies but I'm not ready to ride by myself. 

She tells the story of when the Snow Leopard came into our camp " The ZupYuks were eating and then one of the ponies tried to take food from the ZupYuk and it got mad and stuck one of it's horns into the ponies leg leaving a big hole then the Snow Leopard came in and scared the ZupYuks and they ran wild." She loves it that a Snow Leopard was near us.

Tom McCurdy needed his socks washed one day, Lizzie being in a money making mood says "I'll do it for 50 rupees each" she washed a few socks that day.  She would go into the lodges and strike up a card game with total strangers and play for hours, games I don't even know, like Hearts and Pinochle. 

She hung around with Tom McCurdy a lot, she loved him and his stories and he missed his kids so was very patient with her.  She was also in charge of finding any baby animals along the route to play with.  It was springtime so there were lots of puppies and chicks and goats and baby Yaks and stuff.  She didn't get sick from anything or lose any energy from altitude, she ate anything that was put in front of her and sometimes would eat with the Porters, who loved her. 

On the day we arrived in basecamp, Lizzie was traveling with the Yak herders a good ten minutes a head of the first of our group.  When she saw Tom in the mist she ran into basecamp yelling "DAAAAD"  He couldn't believe she was first into camp and was running at that.  So much for worrying about how Lizzie would handle the altitude, eh!


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