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  What I.S.U. Debaters Say

Megan deMasters I'm a freshman on the ISU debate team. I debated for Pleasant Grove High School and did not get a lot of experience. I wasn't an all star debater but ISU did not care about that. All they cared about was that I love the game and am willing to work hard to get things done.
Since joining the team I have had many opportunities to travel and my debating has improved greatly. I wouldn't trade this experience with any other and I absolutely love it up here.
ISU is also a good school and I enjoy going to school here.

Megan deMasters  

Danielle Jennings I did not know that I was qualified to debate in college, or if I even wanted to until I visited Idaho State University. The team dynamic is fantastic, and there is a ton of flexibility as to argument preference.
The school itself offers great opportunities. As a freshman, you are automatically put in a pool for scholarships when you apply for admission.

Danielle Jennings  

Aaron Dekeyser The coaching staff and team has always been at my side; whether they were helping me complete my debate assignment, coaching me before a round, or providing team support in outrounds. What I really love most about Idaho State is the strong sense of connection, community and care.
Our team rocks!

Aaron Dekeyser  

Nichelle Klosterboer A lot of people think Pocatello sucks, but this is not true! Not only does Pocatello offer most of the same recreational activities of a college town. But, there are also tons of outdoor activities to do like rock climbing, skiing or snowboarding, whitewater rafting, backpacking, etc.
Traveling with the team is a blast and puts high school to shame.

Nichelle Klosterboer  

Paul Montreuil ISU debate is an incredibly educational and fun experience. I have never been more intellectually tested or had close to as many opportunities for success.
Our schedule is great, the coaching is outstanding, and I always have a good time. I recommend ISU debate to anyone who enjoys the activity.

Paul Montreuil  

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