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  Great Coaching

Sarah Partlow-Lefèvre Sarah Partlow-Lefèvre is the Director of Debate at ISU. While at Idaho State, she has coached third place teams at the CEDA National Championship, Wake and Harvard. She has coached 8 teams to qualify for the NDT, cleared teams and coached them to late elimination debates at major national tournaments, and cleared multiple teams into elimination debates at CEDA and NDT nationals. Partlow-Lefèvre’s students have won numerous top ten speaker awards at major national tournaments. She has served on the NDT committee and the CEDA Executive Council.
She has extensive experience coaching at high school debate camps including the Michigan Classic. Previously, Partlow-Lefèvre was an Assistant Coach at the University of Kansas for six years. During that time, she regularly coached first round teams to late elimination rounds at national tournaments.
She believes in making the team nationally competitive and in creating an environment that maximizes educational and competitive opportunities for debaters of all experience levels.
Scott Odekirk Assistant Coach Scott Odekirk debated at Fort Hays State University, Weber State University, and the College of Eastern Utah. Odekirk previously coached at Weber State.
As a debater Odekirk was the only Junior College qualifier for the NDT in the last 25 years. He debated at the NDT three times and participated in elimination debates at more than 10 major national tournaments including CEDA nationals. Odekirk won multiple speaker awards at major national tournaments and was the top speaker at 4 tournaments during his debate career.
Odekirk has qualified 4 teams to the NDT, coached multiple teams to late elimination rounds at major national tournaments, coached one team to a First Round At Large Bid to the NDT, and coached the third place team of Izak Dunn and Jessica Yeats at the CEDA National Championship in 2006.
Scott also teaches at the Sun Country Forensics Institute for high school students during the summer. He has a strong commitment to the pedagogical values of debate and has engaged in extensive philosophical study.

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