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BengalWeb Assistance

Bengal/Web: BengalWeb is ISU's Internet portal, the gateway to all of the University's essential electronic resources. Go here to find:

  • Important campus and personal announcements in the Home tab
  • Advising, registration, grades, and transcripts in the Academic Tools tab
  • Housing, health, disabilities, and departments in the University Recourses tab
  • Fees, waivers, financial aid, and employment in the Finances tab
  • Electronic library services in the Library tab
  • Instructions, directories, and maps in the How Do I tab

Learn more: Go to the login page and click on the link in the middle of the page to watch a quick introductory video - "Get it all with BengalWeb."


Moodle is ISU's "learning management system." It allows students to participate in courses that are offered totally or partially online. Some instructors may use it just to provide students with online course descriptions or handouts, for online discussions, or to let students see their grades. If Moodle is used for one of your classes, just sign in to BengalWeb, and then click the Moodle icon near the top of the screen.

Google Apps at ISU - email & more!

Your Google Apps at ISU account includes email ("Gmail"), Google Calendar, Google Docs, and other powerful Google features. You get 7+ GB of storage space, and an ISU email address that is yours for life. Learn more about Google Apps.

You must check your ISU email frequently. Official University communication will be sent to your ISU email address. Important messages from your instructors and others in the University will also be sent there. If you don't check your ISU email, you will miss out on critical information. We recommend that you check your email every day, and more often as necessary.

If you already have another email account you'd like to keep using, set up forwarding so that you'll receive your important ISU messages. Find out how. But first think about making your ISU email your primary address. Remember, your account is good for life, and it comes with many helpful features that will make life as a student easier.

Access BengalWeb & Google Apps

Go to BengalWeb (links to Bengal Web are also available on the home page and in the header). To sign in, you need your username and password. Your username is included in your acceptance letter. Your password is mailed separately about 10 days later.

After you sign in, you'll find the Gmail icon top right. Click on it to access Google Apps at ISU. You'll need your username and password here as well.

You may also sign in to BengalWeb and Google Apps directly.

Need Help?

IT Service Desk

Available to help you with your computing needs. Over-the-phone assistance is provided free for all students: 208-282-4357 (HELP) or email at


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209