Why attend ISU for the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program

Reasons why students choose the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program at Idaho State University:

  • Faculty are nationally and internationally recognized experts in the field
  • Program offers opportunity to specialize in dental hygiene education or community health.
  • Students may attend on a full or part-time basis with in-state tuition rates, regardless of residency.
  • Program is 97% online so no need to relocate.
  • Students conduct thesis research and professional activities such as publications and presentations that make them highly desirable for future in employment in a variety of settings.

"The Graduate Dental Hygiene Program at Idaho State University has provided me a new perspective on my career and the skills to transform public health policies and the profession!"

-Tonette Hollingsworth



"The MSDH program at ISU exceeded my expectations. The flexibility of the online program made it possible for me to work while earning my degree, but most importantly it allowed me the opportunity to interact with dedicated dental hygienists and became the beginning of many new friendships"

-Christine Rogers



About the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Program

Dental Hygeine Building

The Master of Science degree in Dental Hygiene at Idaho State University (ISU) is designed to accommodate non-traditional graduate students around the world. Through the convenience of web-based instruction, the program allows students to earn a graduate degree while maintaining their current residence, career, and life style. Graduates of the program are prepared for progressive leadership roles in dental hygiene including education, research and rural and community health.

Students are provided an opportunity to visit the campus on several occasions throughout the curriculum. An initial program orientation in August, and a one week seminar course in May are the on-campus learning experience.

Applicants can take our Online Readiness Survey to determine whether they are ready for a fully online curriculum. Students are encouraged to view our Computer and Software Requirements to make sure you have the technology needed to complete this program.

Goals of the MSDH Program at ISU are to:

  1. Assume leadership roles in academics, rural and community health settings, research, professional associations and commercial industry.
  2. Develop advanced clinical abilities that improve oral health and access to dental hygiene care.
  3. Acquire research abilities that contribute to the scientific dental hygiene body of knowledge.
  4. Assume responsibility for professional development through life-long learning capability.
  5. Provide a foundation for future doctoral education.

Required Foundational Coursework/Undergraduate Degree/Licensure

Students must have graduated from an accredited entry level dental hygiene program, hold a Bachelor's degree in dental hygiene or a related field, and have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in upper division and dental hygiene coursework.

Students must have a current dental hygiene license in good standing. A photocopy of this license will need to be provided to the Department of Dental Hygiene as part of the application process.

Previous education in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration is not a requirement for admission, but is preferred. If previous education in these pain control methods has been completed, students must provide evidence of successful completion of classroom and clinical experiences in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide administration. Evidence could include transcripts, course descriptions, expanded functions or continuing education certificates.

Students must have taken an undergraduate statistics or biostatistics course. A minimum of a "C" grade is required. If students have not had a statistics course, they may take an on-campus or online course at the institution of their choice. A graduate level course in statistics may be used as a 3 credit elective for the MSDH Program.

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