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How can I determine if taking classes online is for me?

Online learning is designed to provide place-bound students with the same educational opportunities as students who attend classes on campus. Online courses take place during the same semester time frame as classes on campus and provide opportunities to interact with other students in the class through discussion room interactions. The Online Readiness Survey is an assessment tool designed to help you evaluate if online learning is for you. The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and provides essential online learning considerations.

Are there on-campus obligations?

Students are provided an opportunity to visit the campus on several occasions throughout the curriculum. An initial program one-week orientation during August and a one-week seminar course in May are the on-campus learning experiences.

What is the current fee structure for the MSDH program?

See semester and credit hour fees. There will be a course fee attached to each course that will assist in supporting the conduct and administration of the program. This fee is set at $85.00 per credit for professional courses and $170.00 per credit for thesis. Also, there is an eISU fee assessed at $35 per credit.

To assist you with financing your education, you are encouraged to look at the American Dental Hygienists' Association and the American Dental Education Association websites for scholarship information for students pursing a graduate degree in dental hygiene. Students accepted into the program can join ADEA under ISU institutional membership for free.

How long is the program?

Students have eight years to complete the program so you can attend full- or part-time. It takes about 2.5 to 3 years to complete the program depending on the type of thesis work that is of interest. Some students prefer to pace themselves more slowly, taking into consideration their family and work commitments. It is up to you to decide the best approach.

How do I begin the admission process?

You need to submit an online application to Idaho State University and include a $55.00 registration fee, graduate admission test scores (GRE or MAT), if applicable, and official transcripts. You may begin the application process before completing the GRE or MAT. After the School of Graduate Studies has compiled and verified all necessary information, your University application materials will be forwarded to us. Items that must be submitted directly to the Department of Dental Hygiene, Division of Graduate Studies are listed on the Department website.

The deadlines for admission are: Fall Semester - April 1 and Spring Semester - November 15. Please note that it is possible to be accepted on a "Conditional" basis if you have not submitted your test scores. However, as a conditional student you are not eligible for financial aid so these scores should be submitted prior to the first semester you enroll in classes.

Application Checklist

Will a graduate student orientation be available?

After acceptance into the MSDH program, a series of online orientation modules will be completed as part of DENT 5596 Graduate Seminar I each Fall. Students will learn about Idaho State University's library system, how to obtain research articles or books and how to utilize Evidence-Based Decision Making. Additionally, modules related to plagiarism and writing styles will be addressed at the on-campus orientation, along with advanced technology. The modules are self-paced and can be repeated as needed.

Is a statistical methods course required?

You will need to demonstrate completion of an undergraduate or graduate level statistics or biostatistics course within the past seven years. If you did not take statistics as part of your entry-level dental hygiene education, or it has been more than seven years since you completed a statistics course, you will need to take a course prior to taking DENT 6646 Health Research. You can begin the program even if you have not completed this requirement. Many part-time students take statistics in the summer between their first and second year. The course can be an online or in classroom experience.

Contact Information

We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene program. We want to work collaboratively with you and develop an individualized program of study reflective of your personal interests and professional goals. Please contact us at (208) 282-2482 or email if you have questions regarding the program. We look forward to hearing from you.


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