Additional information about faculty associated with CERE can be found on their departmental and laboratory websites.

Faculty Research Interests Department
Ken Aho terrestrial community and landscape ecology; statistics Biological Sciences
Colden Baxter stream ecology; community, ecosystem and landscape ecology Biological Sciences
Terry Bowyer ecology, behavior and conservation of large mammals Biological Sciences
Benjamin Crosby geomorphology; GIS; topographic responses to disturbance Geosciences
David Delehanty avian biology; avian behavior Biological Sciences
Bruce Finney lake sediments; lake ecology Biological Sciences
Sarah Godsey catchment hydrology; mountain and polar systems Geosciences
Ernest Keeley behavior, ecology and conservation of fishes Biological Sciences
Kathleen Lohse soil and watershed biogeochemistry; ecohydrology; ecosystem ecology Biological Sciences
Wayne Minshall (Professor Emeritus) stream ecology; ecosystem ecology Biological Sciences
Charles Peterson ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles Biological Sciences
Peter Sheridan microbial molecular biology Biological Sciences
Rosemary Smith burying beetles; population ecology Biological Sciences
Rick Williams molecular population genetics; plant-animal interactions Biological Sciences