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Fairview Constructed Wetland System

The Fairview Wetland Project is located on the west shore of the American Falls Reservoir in Power County, Idaho. This project was initiated by Neil Poulson, a local farmer, and Chris Hoag, a wetland ecologist who has developed a number of constructed wetlands in Idaho. Poulson has been successful in obtaining funding from a number of sources (Simplot, Idaho Wheat Commission, Power County Soil Conservation Service, Bureau of Reclamation) to construct the CWS and do preliminary testing of water quality to identify what aspects of water quality on this watershed were likely candidates for improvement by a CWS. In 1997 Poulson contacted CERE faculty for assistance in sampling and data analysis, and the work that is described here is a result of the collaboration that has grown from that initial contact.

More information about the Fairview site can be found here.