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O誰eall Ecological Reserve - Additional Information

An aerial image of the O誰eall Reserve is below. The parallel lines on the left (west) side of the image are Interstate 15. The Union Pacific railroad tracks are the next linear feature to the right, curving east of due north in the upper half of the image. The Portneuf River is the dark line immediately to the right (east) of the railroad tracks. Some of the old oxbows that were cut off by the railroad are visible to the left of the railroad tracks in the lower half of the image.

oneal aerial

Common amphibians and reptiles found at the O誰eall Ecological Reserve.

Common Name                                   Scientific Name
Northern leopard frog                            Rana pipiens
Boreal chorus frog                                  Pseudacris maculata
Tiger salamander                                    Ambystoma tigrinum
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake            Thamnophis elegans
Common Garter Snake                           Thamnophis sirtalis
Gopher snake                                         Pituophus catenifer
Sagebrush lizard                                     Sceloporus graciosus
Western skink                                        Eumeces skiltonianus

At least 15 species of odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) can be found at the O誰eall Reserve:

Scientific Name                               Common Name
Aeshna interrupta                             Variable darner
Anax junius                                      Common green darner
Erythemis collocata                           Western pondhawk
Leucorrhinia intacta                          Dot-tailed whiteface
Libellula forensis                              Eight-spotted skimmer
L. lydia                                               Common Whitetail
L. pulchella                                        Twelve-spotted skimmer
L. quadrimaculata                             Four-spotted skimmer
Sympetrum corruptum                       Variegated meadowhawk
Gomphus externus                             Plains clubtail
Ophiogomphus severus severus         Pale snaketail
Enallagma boreale                             Boreal bluet
E. carunculatum                                 Tule bluet
Ischnura cervula                                 Pacific forktail
I. perparva                                          Western forktail
Lestes dryas                                        Emerald spreadwing
Other Lestes spp.?

For more information about these and other amphibians/reptiles and dragonflies/damselflies of Idaho (including pictures and a visual key), visit the Digital Atlas of Idaho's webpage.